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  1. Well, When I sent the samples twice, I got my answer less than 10 minutes in both times.
  2. Like said Lucian and Don, send the file, and I'm sure you'll get a answer by e-mail in the maximum of 10 minutes.
  3. Hey Dart Vader. Use your VM and test some samples and let us know.
  4. Hope it doesn't happen in Brazil. Is it possible to buy from element to ? I mean Brazilians.
  5. LOL. Not Ghostbusters. Yeah, you can dial 1 800 XXX XXX and ask for Don Pelotas.
  6. I like AH a lot. Of course, there's some bugs and need a little tweak about games, but to navigate and have no worries with hackers, it doesn't let you down.
  7. I agree.Neither IE. I just use it to download patches from Windows Update.
  8. I don't because now OP isn't just a firewall, like it used to be.I think it will give some headaches to play with another suite.
  9. I use KIS, hosts file from Don Pelotas's post, SpywareBlaster and Ewido 4.0.
  10. But I´m sure nowadays, you are better than me...Hope december arrives quickly.
  11. Thanks Don. I know you are an old dog too, so a little game sometimes can´t hurt. I know what you will say. You are in the beach, summer time, and I´m surrounded by some buildings in winter time. Why think about games when you can see a lot of girls. LOL. Wait until december and I´ll answer that question.
  12. I think KL Team will fix those bugs in AH before final version of KIS. So, I think everybody here will be happy with the best suite in market.
  13. LOL. Come on Whiz. KL Team didn´t hire you yet. My English is bad and you post a Russian link. Relax, I´m just kidding.
  14. Yes, I know. I tried 3.51 too. But as I said, I think KL Team will fix those problems and AH will be a good challenge to OP.
  15. OK, Fade, I got it. I used to be an OP user, but since version 2.6, my games got some lags, etc, so I gave up using OP.Not just for that, but the way OP goes, I wouldn´t be surprised if Agnitum could be a new AV company. I know KIS has some firewall´s problem, and everytime I test my games with it, I post the results here.But I still really believe KL Team will solve these problems.I´m an old dog, but one of things that really make me happy is a good online game.And unfortunatelly, I have to disabled AH and enable my LNS to play my games.I think everybody here knows what KL Team is able to do, and I trust them.So I`ll wait for the final version to say something about it.
  16. Hi Fade. IMO, I like SD enabled. It would be great if both companies could solve it together. If not, I hope KL Team could tweak AH before the final version.
  17. LOL. I've seen moderator there teasing KL. Thanks God my license will expire next month.
  18. I heard a lot them doing this with KL. Now I can laugh and a lot.... LOL.
  19. I know a forum they probably will close a thread when people start talking about the excellent result shown here.
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