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  1. You can download build 675 and test it with your game: http://rapidshare.com/files/22583665/kis6.en.msi.html
  2. If you have build 675 you can test and see that the AH problem was solved already.Like Don said, there's no date yet, but I tested it and my lags and freezes disappeared. Let's wait.
  3. LOL. You´re right 7Komodo. Like I always said.One thing is just to translate it. Another thing it´s seeing your translation working together with the GUI. And this way, you can see what´s wrong and fix it. To help you a little bit, you can do this: Create a new folder called pt. Put your localization inside it. Instead of you change the english version with your translation, you can have 2 folders.One called pt and the other en.Disable the self protection and close KIS. Now you can edit the Windows´s registry here: My computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\AVP6\environment Find the key Localization and change it from en to pt. Now you can restart KIS and it should start in Portuguese language. You can switch between F12 and F5 (English and Portuguese) and find errors in your localization and fix them.
  4. LOL. Hi 7Komodo. The delevoper in charge is Max. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showuser=302 You know our language is a little different, but I can understand Portuguese from Portugal without any problem.You can contact him, and if he needs, you can send your localizations. I don´t see him, since build 411, when he said he was already working with a new GUI for version 7. I think it could be a good idea if you wait a couple of weeks, when the new GUI will be available, and we can start translating it from beginning. Best Regards. P.S. Don, after Senna, now it´s Massa´s time.
  5. A Brazilian link: http://idgnow.uol.com.br/seguranca/2007/04...4-05.8317259177 A translated English link: http://www.online-translator.com/url/tran_...0&psubmit2.y=13
  6. I agree with you buddy. Installed build 621 at work and home, and I felt it's smoother too.
  7. I used to be a NOD32 and LNS user too. Since I started using KIS 6, I really can see how much KIS is better than any suite in the market. I'll just change of suite in 2 cases: 1) If some company buys KL. 2) If KL can't be in the top, as always. As I'm sure theses cases won't happen, I don't need to worry about suites anymore.
  8. I'm using TI build 4871 and tried to install build 4940. I tried it in several ways, installing over the old build, uninstalling the old build first, with KIS running, stopping or existing KIS, and the only way to install the last TI build was uninstalling completely KIS first. This still happens with build 4871 and 4940. I hope KL Team will check this.
  9. What about a special services for Beta testers too ? I'd like to send those keys to blacklist them. We could have a faster way to speak with some Dev, for example. Maybe get a internal build for testing purpose, etc.
  10. I loved that idea too. I'll have to renew in july, so I think KL can handle it until there.
  11. They only used 24 kind of malware, viruses, etc. They executed 12 of them in the first part of this test, then installed those suites and tried to infect the PC with the others 12. They say KIS was the only one that let the PC like a brand new.KIS was the only that removed the block created by a virus in the task bar. If you see the graphic that I posted, KIS got only 36 MB of ram during the test, the lowest.
  12. I agree with you saso. Unfortunately Brazil is now the first in world about creating phishing scam. Most of AV companies have their own office here. I'd really like KL could change their mind about it, since Eugene told me they don't have a plan to open an office here, right now. I won't say about marketing here in Brazil. Come on KL, let's review this decision.
  13. LOL. Ok, Don. You can open 2 offices. One in Sao Paulo and the other in Rio de Janeiro. Working hard in Sao Paulo, and getting some rest in Rio at the beach, just looking those girls.
  14. I like this program too. By the way, the same magazine, tested some AV including KIS 6.0 and NIS 2007. They said the only thing to KL be invencible, it's getting a better GUI. Of course, I don't agree with it, but I don't need to say the results of the test right ?
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