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  1. Hello please find the attached log file for your technical know out, awaiting for your help thanks. Kes.txt
  2. I have renewed my license for kaspersky endpoint security 11,when i try to run an update for it it fails at completion 95% and says "update malfunction" , could you please let me know what could be the issue..?, try to help because am unprotected . When i try to download the update file manually using the kaspersky update utility ,a locate/ source the file to kaspersky endpoint ,run update again it pops an error that " update files are corrupted " as per screen shots. tried with several kaspesky products still fails ,can anyone explain, resolve this...,.????, thanks. Product: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows (Workstation Protection) Version: Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 x64
  3. Dear Kaspersky, A lite version of KSC 10.3.407.0 was installed on Window server 2012,After few weeks it was uninstalled but since then when anew installation of full version is tried-out, it permanently fails out , warning that an MSI installer is missing to update the database ,yet Neither ksc 10.3.407.0 configuration folder or kaspersky administration server exists on C or Program files respectively . Have tried several kaspersky removal tool to extract old files out but still fails. please could you help with steps on how i can extract that from Window registry, or remove it permanently to be able install ksc again ...?
  4. i'm a system administrator for about 400 client machines and i need help please. I have recently installed Kaspersky 10 on my domain and now the individual users can't access their exchange emails. if i disable the the antivirus the email flow through without any problems but as soon as i activate it the emails are blocked again. Has someone else ever encountered this problem??? i'm trying to figure out what's causing the anomaly in the behavior of the endpoint solution since it was performing reasonably well previously. Kindly assist me please
  5. i have two mail Exchange servers,want to install Kaspersky For Exchange that has one licence ,the licence supports 700,the total mailboxes are less to the the number of supported mailboxes on both servers.
  6. Hello, A client has this setup, 1 master KSC running version 10.2.434. and 6 slave servers running the same version of KSC. The number of users at each site varies but they have enough licenses to all. My question is, what process or steps should I follow so that the new license key is installed across the network. It is a WAN. Any assistance is highly appreciate
  7. Hello, I have an issue that I need advice on. One of our clients installed Kaspersky mail server 8 for linux on RedHat linux. It was working for quite a while but he had to stop the services when he got some issues with it. When I attempted to log into web interface using https://url:9045 it did not go through. So I restarted both the klms and klmsdb services and tried it again but got the same response. Running 'service klms status' will show that it is running but when I run 'service klmsdb status' in the terminal, I get no response at all. I wanted to know if that could be a cause for everything that is happening regards
  8. I think it should be continued in case the other alternatives I try do not work out as I think.
  9. Its fine, I will look for other alternatives to solve this issue. I wouldn't want to create another problem while trying to avoid another . Thanks for the help and information.
  10. Is there a write up on how to perform this procedure. I would like to test it out and then share my results afterwards.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a task that requires me to redirect the Kaspersky antivirus updates folder to a different partition in order to prepare the PCs to work with Faronics Deep Freeze. The default installation for Kaspersky is the C drive which I am expected to freeze but it also includes the Kaspersky updates folder which means new updates would be uninstalled as soon as the PCs are restarted. Is it possible to redirect those folders? Any assistance is highly appreciated.
  12. The client says that they haven't yet been able to solve this issue. I want to put them in direct contact with Kaspersky Technical support to help them better. What are the procedures that can enable them to do that
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