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  1. got response back from support - "revert to TP3" nice job, guys... this literally means - thank you for your money, go back using now obsolete product and s**** yourself
  2. Why not to take good things and keep them? BTW, submitted to support... but since you asked for the list * implement proper browser integration. No Command Bar in IE, proper toolbar action in FF. If not good option, consider "Right-click" menu - old, but better way when compared to current integration * make Vault optional "Opt In" feature. Currently it is "Opt-Out" model. first you sync and then you have to Opt-Out. You violate CPPA guidelines and may run into lawsuit * allow import of password databases from older versions of PM. Since you did get rid of default.spdb, new logic should allow import of old backups at any time AFTER product was installed and activated
  3. my suggestions are simple: * revert browser integration code which worked just fine in Total Pure 3. * make Vault option optional not mandatory, again TP3 code until then product is pretty much useless. I can dump all my info into password protected text file and it probably would be more convenient to use
  4. How can I make PM to work in any browser and not sync? now I am getting message that my database is out of sync and PM requests to sync even though I specifically told it not to
  5. mentioned in another post that access to password manager context menu is now in command bar, but this option is rarely used by any user as it takes space from browsing space why caption option was deprecated?
  6. yes, there are settings to disable sync - it will continue to sync, regardless - it will show "syncing message" then "sync is disabled" so it still continue to send your data elsewhere - it is "after the fact" option - you cannot install PM without syncing first as this is not an option during activation/setup, but once product is fully activated and all your data is already in the cloud I have plugins installed in both IE 11 and FF, yet there is no action menu in either
  7. Sorry folks but it is just ridiculous :dash1: Long time user of Pure 2.0 and then 3.0. At initial release of 3.0 Password Manager (looks like foster unwanted child of Kaspersky team) had problem integrating with IE. Issue was somewhat resolved over time and PM got in somewhat stable state. Now... Total PURE 3.0 is now legacy product and replaced by Total 3.0 and so fun begins One would thought that migration should be a breeze, and for most part it was,... most but off course PM again Who come up with bright idea it was to make Vault mandatory? Why in hell would I want all my passwords in yours "secure" vault? As an option, may be. As the only way to use it... this is just insane. I may understand that you want to authorize PM using Kaspersky account for Premium features, but immediately force sync all passwords without big RED warning that all password information would now be uploaded into the cloud!!! One would think company like Kaspersky Labs would understand danger of cloud storage in any form. What if I do not want to use Vault to store anything? Anyone can provide reasonable explanation what in the world you are doing it for? BTW, PM does not integrate into caption area in IE 11 anymore, nor does it appear in Firefox toolbar auto populate would work, but I no longer can choose account to use Conspiracy theory alert: big brother wants to know all our passwords - NSA/FBI/KGB, pick one.
  8. why checkdisk helps Pure and Outlook? I have the same problem on two machines with identical setup, it is not hardware issue
  9. I have brand new install of Windows 8.1 with Office 2013 Ultimate There is installed latest version of Pure 3.0 558d when trying to Kaspersky Pure 558 crashes Outlook 2013 when trying to open Add-in settings * File * Options * Add-Ins * select Kaspersky Outlook Ant-Spam Addin * Click Add-in Options * Crash Issue is reproducible on two different machines Thoughts?
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