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  1. hello, Yesterday i upgrade the kaspersky andministration kit 5.0 to the 6.0.1405, to upgrade i do the next. 1º i uninstall all the network agents of the clientes 2º i uninstall the admin kit 5.0 3º i install the kit 6.0 4º try to install the network agent again. and now i have the next problem with some pcs with XP. i have workgroup structure, and the win2k and xp are in the same domain, no windows firewall installed, only kaspersky workstation 6.0 with the firewall on, but now some pcs with xp works fine, but others show a menssage error "the pc is not connected to the network" but this are connected, in the version 5.0 works fine, now the pcs are having problems. Thanks!
  2. hello i have the virus "Virus protect pro" in my pc, how can eliminate it, kaspersky don't detect it, but a icon in the task bar show me that virus...
  3. Hello, we have problems with some pcs, in the properties of the pcs in the group some say "protection inactive" but "Kaspersky running", and in others say "protection active" and "Kaspersky not runing", in the group have 112 pcs but in the only one policie properties say aplied for 104 pcs, i can't chage to the console 6.0, becuase the last time that i try it, i have a lot of problems. What can do for fix it?
  4. but when i turn off the kaspersky it's works perfectly... why?
  5. Hello, when i try to use a IE with Kaspersky on it's don't work, outlook too, and i can't update Kaspersky. But if it is off i can do all of this thing. What can it be? [attachmentid=33204] [attachmentid=33205]
  6. hello, when i run the task download update, in the console, it start but when is downloading say internal error. here is a screenshot. [attachmentid=32979] the version of adminkit is 5.0.1149
  7. hello, i don't have any problem between the administration consola and administration server, i have problems with the administration console and pc clients.
  8. I made a migration of the Kaspersky Administration Server in Widnows NT4 to a Windows 2003 Server. Now when i try to make a deploy i can't, the error say that i don't have right to write in the Admin$, but the acount used is the domain administrator account who has right for all in the domain in all PCs. I can't change the IP of The Net Agent. Don't have Firewall. And when i try to Synchronize say "Host is not available". I send you two snapshoot of the problem. [attachmentid=32904][attachmentid=32905]
  9. hello, is the only way?? i can't change the policies manually i can't install the KIT again, and i need to update a pc,
  10. Hello, i have problems with the administration kit 5, i don't wanna fix the administration kit, but i wanna update the PCs, when i try to update this say that the controled for the administrator, and i can't update, somebody knows how can i update??
  11. hello, yesterday i try downloading the update database, and the file .rar says "the file is corrupted" i think that this can be a problem of kaspersky because 3 diferent persons whit diferents pc and diferent installer have the same problem.
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