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  1. Okay guys after finally getting KES 10 SP1 MR2 installed on my test PC as well as the Patch D for my KSC 10, I am having a lot of entries in my critical event log for my KSC Administration server. There are only two PCs in my test group, the server, and my test desktop. I am getting the following entry repeatedly (83 times in one day): Event type: Network update error Result: The update source cannot be found Object: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com:80/test/ep/ Object\Path: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com:80/test/ep/ User: TTC\jyoungblood (Active user) Update ID: Not determined This is also followed by the following error each time: Event type: Network update error Result: Error connecting to update source Object: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ep/ Object\Path: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/ep/ User: TTC\jyoungblood (Active user) Update ID: 1442347020 Any suggestions???
  2. Dmitry, I have already accessed that and installed the patches and installed them. I am asking is there something I missed there. I have installed the patch required for the administration server (patch D) as well as installing the new Web console (both on the administration server). What am I missing, if anyything? I have verified through reports that both patch C and patch D are installed.
  3. Okay, so we have just over 150 PCs and laptops and 30 servers running Kaspersky Endpoint Security. After talking with Business support, they informed me that my KSC was way out of date and that I really needed to update my server. I knew they were right and decided that in fact this would be a great time to completely rework our server because of the Windows 10 PCs we have added (just 4 of them, all in the IT office). So setup a new Kaspersky Administration Server and yes, I applied the d patch. I still cannot deploy to my Windows 10 PCs though. All of my other PCs work just fine, but when I attempt to do a remote install through the administration console, the Network Agent installs just fine, but the Endpoint Security never completes. It gets to 66% and stalls. Then after about 30 minutes it reports that the installation timed out. Any ideas??? is that the correct version of Endpoint Security to run on Windows 10, or is there another one that I missed?
  4. So, I just got off the phone with Tech Support asking about deploying KES to a few machines we have installed Windows 10 on. These machines are in our IT office and are being used by the IT staff. I was informed by Kaspersky Tech Support that a version of KSC and KES that is compatible with Windows 10 will not be available until December. The tech then said a Beta version will be available later today but that of course the only support will be through the forum. I talked my boss into letting us switch from Symantec to Kaspersky because I believe it is a better product, but Windows 10 was released at the end of July. 5 months to come up with a version that works with a new OS is ridiculous. Furthermore, your home version does work with Windows 10. Now, I can understand the fact that the home version does not have all the same features, but this really is bad business. At this point, we are looking at a different Antivirus because we can't have machines go this long without a truly supported antivirus. Telling me to use a Beta version on PCs that are in production is unacceptable. I cannot begin to tell you the hundreds of people I have referred you guys to, but this has really soured me. I would rather you guys offer us the choice of using a home version (that is supported fully) that to tell me to use a beta version. What I really cannot understand is why Symantec, TrendMicro, and several other competitors already have enterprise level support for Windows10 and Kaspersky does not. You guys have a great product, but your response to new Operating Systems is terrible (Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 also had delays, but at least they weren't 5 months).
  5. Nicolay, I just ran a klnagchk on one of the lost PCs. Here is the result: Administration Server certificate: available Open UDP port:1 Numbers of UDP prots: '15000' Synchronization interval <min>: 15 Connection timeout <sec>: 30 Send/receive timeout <sec>: 180 Host ID: d9bee756-87524df4-af9a-22735857c1d2 Attempt to connect to the Administration Server...ok Attempt to connect to the Network Agent...ok Network agent is running Receiving the Network Agent's statistical data...ok Network Agent's statistical data: Total number of Synchronization requests:1 The number of successful Synchronization requests: 1 Total number of Synchronizations:1 The number of successful Synchronizations: 1 Date/Time of the last request for Synchronization:2/11/2014 10:00:06 PM GMT <2/11/2014 5:00:06 PM> Deinitializing basic libraries...ok
  6. We are currently using Kaspersky Security Center 10.0.3361 With a mix of computers running Kaspersky EndPoint Security (a) and Kaspersky Anti-Virus (d.f) all systems have Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent (10.0.3361) running on them. When I look in the Management console I can see all of my AD groups listed under Managed computers, but only the three previously mentioned systems are there. The listing for both of the servers indicate that they have both KES and Network Agent installed. The PC listing indicates that neither is installed. When I check in Unassigned computers, I see all of my AD listings, and yes, under those I see the missing computers in their respective AD group. However, upon further inspection, all of the systems listed in Unassigned computers show that neither KES/KAV or Network Agent are installed on them. I have attempted to install Network Agent on one of these machines and receive notice that the install completed successfully. I made sure to uncheck the box for the option "Do not install application if it is already installed" in order to force it to reinstall. However, despite receiving the notice that it installed successfully, KSC still reports that Netowrk agent is still not installed. I suspect that if I can get KES to realize that the Network Agent is installed, it will see that KES/KAV is installed on the machines too. Once again, any suggestions on how to do that would be helpful. I really don't want to have to go to each machine and reinstall this software.
  7. We are getting ready to do an update to our KSC 10 so that we can provide protection to a few mobile devices on our network running Windows 8.1. The upgrade required KSC to do a backup and in attempting to do this, it was discovered that there was corruption in one of the databases so a restore had to be done first. Fortunately, a backup had been made and we did the restore to that point in time. However, now there are only three systems (2 servers and 1 PC) listed in our Managed computers list. Considering that there were 167 before the restore, this is not a good thing. Furthermore, the 1 PC listed shows it does not have Network Agent 10 or KES 10 installed on it (it has both). An attempt to reinstall these applications on this PC through the KSC console shows they install with no error, however there is no change listed in KSC for the computer. It still shows the computer does not have either program installed. At this point I am afraid I am going to have to reinstall the KSC, but I don't want to. I am really fearful that I am also going to have to reinstall KES 10 on all 167 machines in my network. Any suggestions??? :dash1:
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