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  1. Hello Team, Thanks for the support on the issue i had the other day. I have tried to create a profile for a customer on the Kaspersky cloud portal but it keeps giving me an internal error(find attached). I have also tried logging into my own profile,but it gives the same error. Is there any issue with the platform that we need to know? Hope to read from you soon.
  2. See Update history of the Server
  3. Hi Kirril, I just got to the clients office and the Server was up already. Please find screenshots from the Server's event viewer
  4. Hi Kirril, The client says the systems operating system keeps asking for a repair. A mission critical Server(running Windows Server 2008)which they work with is part of the computers with this issue. Please I need assistance. Thank You.
  5. Hi Ivan, The version installed is The Network agents were uninstalled from the computers so that they could run independently. Now,I hear three other computers are not coming up anymore after the installation done yesterday.
  6. Hi Guys, I just installed the Kaspersky cloud application(without the agent) on a Hp Elitedesk Core i5 vPro(7th Gen) and it does not allow the computer to boot to windows.The desktop is running on windows 10 and I do not know what to do.Even when it did boot to windows,it does not allow me do anything as the desktop freezes and the mouse keeps buffering. Please I need assistance quickly as this is not looking good.
  7. The installed Kaspersky endpoint build was installed last week and suddenly Mozilla firefox,Opera Mini and UC web browsers cannot access the internet anymore.But google chrome is able to browse and access the internet. I also observed that, once the Kaspersky endpoint protection is stopped from the security Center console,the web browsers listed above that could not browse suddenly starts browsing the internet. When the Kaspersky product is turned back on,the web browsers stop connecting to the internet. The Microsoft Windows 10 Home Build on both laptops is Build 14393. I have also escalated to Kaspersky Support.Find incident number below and GFI summary report of the computer in question attached: Kaspersky Support INC000008554457 Web Browser Issue GetSystemInfo_SAMSARUMWENSE_ADMIN_2017_11_30_17_24_50.zip
  8. Hello, I don't understand. The KSC version is the 434 Build and i'm sure i created the package with the 434 Network Agent. Nizzle.
  9. Hello Team, I installed KSC 10(Build 434) on a clients Server and created an installation package for KES 10(Build 3201) on the KSC Server. I have created a 'standalone installation package' with the Network Agent,and the application key,all embedded in the package. I ran it on the computers and it gave errors on some of them(find attached). What could be the problem?And how can i resolve this issue. Nizzle.
  10. Yes. All is well now. Thanks a lot guys.You are the best. Nizzle.
  11. Hi Guys, Please find attached the print screen of the error. Hope i can resolve this as quickly as possible. Nizzle.
  12. Hello Team, i have a client whose Kaspersky Security centre is well installed and has downloaded current Updates. But when i try to push updates via the task created on the 'Servers and Workstation Policies' on the Server it fails and gives the error:'Databases are corrupted'. I recently upgraded to the KES 10(Build on the .434 Security Centre on the Administration Server machine and all task,policies e.t.c were inherited. The build above on the Administration Server,is Updated and does not give the error:'Databases are corrupted'. I have Upgraded all the other computers on the .434 Security centre from KES .674 Build to KES Build but the newly upgraded computers still give the error:'Databases are corrupted'. Please what could be the issue and how do i resolve it as soon as possible. Hope to read from you soon. Nizzle.
  13. Hi Team, I have been told by a client to come and implement Kaspersky Endpoint Security SP1,MR2 (.434 Net Agent:.674 Antivirus) Encryption on all their desktop and laptops running Windows 7, 8,8.1,10 Professional. They have an active Directory and and all computers on a Domain. I need a well detailed documentation on how to go about it and get it right.Also,with information on how to decrypt,and recover files from a damaged HDD encrypted with Kaspersky encryption. Hope to get a feedback from you soon. Da Nizzly Wizzly.
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