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  1. the more you have the safer you are.. i just makes your computer slower...
  2. sjoeii what does product hoffix mean? and what does the letter represent?
  3. i have the same schk or whatever problem... and when i disable that it does not help....
  4. so i should keep this key and see if it works with kis 7 once it comes out? but will it last until 2010?
  5. anyone know? oh.. WHY CANT YOU INSTALL A KEY FROM KIS 7 to a KIS 6 product? thats lame... it says ''not for this product'' or something like that .. the weird thing about this key is that it expires in late 1010 but i though you could only buy a key for 2 years? kaspersky made an error or what? i bought it from germany so i could get kis 7
  6. same at title also under product info... what does product hoffix mean? i got an B and a C together
  7. Kaspersky Internet Security 7,0 offers a reliable round around protection from viruses, hackers and Spam to home users. Functions * Integrated protection from all Internet threats * Complex anti-virus protection: 1. Signature-based protection 2. Pro-active protection - improves! 3. Behaviour analysis in real time - new! * Examination of files, enamels and Internet Traffic in real time * Personal Firewall with IDS/IPS - improves! * Protection of confidential data (Privacy control) - new! * Safety device for children (Parental control) - new! * Protection from Spam and Phishing * Automatic updates * Protection from viruses, Trojanern and worms * Protection from Spyware and Adware * Protection from all key logging he types - improves! * Recognize and neutralize all root kit types - improves! * Protection from viruses in use of ICQ or other in systems * Put back harmful changes and system re-establishment * Self protection before switching the protection off by mark commodity * Recovery CD * Technical support System requirements Operating system requirements * Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (service luggage 4 or more highly) * Microsoft Windows XP Home edition (service luggage 2 or more highly) * Microsoft Windows XP Professional (service luggage 2 or more highly) * Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 edition * Intel Pentium 300 MHz or more highly (or compatible) * 128 MT of free main memories * Microsoft Windows Vista Home basic (32/64 bit) * Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32/64 bit) * Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32/64 bit) * Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (32/64 bit) * Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32/64 bit) * Intel Pentium 800 MHz 32-Bit (x86)/64-Bit (x64) or more highly (or compatible) * 512 MT of free main memories Kaspersky Internet Security License
  8. there really no reason why you should get zonealarm.... installing programs like that will slow down your computer, it will act AS IF you did had viruses my recoomendation.. KIS firewall is enough and if u want more u can use windows firewall i guess....
  9. are there any ad ons for KIS? thats my question if so where can i dl them? and are they worth getting them?
  10. ok lissen... am using a laptop with a 1ghz processor.. and almost 500mb of ram so i need the lightest possible.. yet the best protection i purchased a key from 2 years for kis and i wanna know which problams will be usefull... cause i know i dont need all for surfing the web right? the one i want for sure... is the one that blocks the advertising from msn... i knows its one of them.. but not sure which one and if i install all ill probably use alot of CPU usage..... ohh by the way.. when i scan someone and put it into trusted zone.. which of the four do you recoomend me to choose? i dont really know what am doing.. so advise would be great
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