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  1. Um i thought that the they were normal delays myself but they are not i actualy had it so bad that i finaly had to reformat both my pc with aol AVS on them and went to a difrent antivirus. dont ignore stage 2 delays for two long they will eventualy slow down to the point to were they sit forever and well ovintaly complet or not.
  2. unfortinatly i will not have the cash for a long time to buy kaspersky will a standered format get ride of aol avs completly? till i get the cash to get kaspersky?
  3. oh this is great after the flubered up my pc with this they discontinue it nice i will wipe bothe my drives and install a true free antivirus. AOl will the standered format that comes with windows disc get ride of AOL AVS and all its idintifiers
  4. so is ST better then windows defender? or should if i decide to use ST disable windows defender or will it not conflict with it was curious.
  5. Hi was wondering considering spyware terminator has clam ativirus if i was to use this program would i have to disable that av that comes with it? also what is difrence betwen windows defender that i'm using and this spyware terminator. i saw this advertised on wilders security fourms as something good to use with aol avs. but i'm curently using windows defender will i get any added protection with this spyware terminator.
  6. anyone now anything about this app is it good dose it work with aol avs(http://www.spywareterminator.com/ )
  7. so um which one is better i supose it would do the same chkdsk errors if it uses kaspersky engine.
  8. Hi a friend told me that zone labs is kaspersky um is this true and if so what is the diferance betwen it and aol kav? any and if so do they offer a free version that is better??? thanks all.
  9. hopfuly they fix this for even aol avs as it is a kaspersky engine i don't have any problems as of now but would like a tool to remove it in the future if problems hapen about. Edit: Stop asking for a tool every day! If & when a tool is available you can be 100% sure i will post a link to it here, so no need to post the same everyday.
  10. i got it fixed just so happend that at the same time install aol avs my dvd burner went out at the same dam time.
  11. please ignore my last post lol sems there was a delay in my other one ariving lol. but to the topic at hand dose aol avs cause this? or did my burning drive finaly go out.
  12. no i tried that as well what you posted did not work. could my drive had finaly gone out or is this aol avs doing it. i have nero 6 ultimate and no go not even windows will burn it with its own software. it acts like it is burn then nothing blank media. help.
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