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  1. Yes, I agree that it's not entirely big deal since like what the Support said "protection is not decreased". But for those, like me, who want to know more about the product, especially the backend technologies of the product, announcements can be a great way of knowing the product and making customers up-to-date about the product (i.e. what happened, when did it happen, and why did it happen). Imagine if they would take out heuristics/AEP/iSwift/iChecker without informing the world. But still, I acknowledge that they may have valid reason(s) for concealing the change. Maybe, ZETA Shield was not, for whatever reason, suitable for Kaspersky Home products; instead, it should be in the Labs for greater control and effectiveness.
  2. Yup! They should have, at the least, announced the move. But maybe the concealment of announcement might have been deliberate.
  3. ZETA Shield, it turn out, is not present anymore as a stand-alone component of Kaspersky, but "moved to anti-virus databases". This is according to the Support. I think what this means is that ZETA Shield functionality is removed from Kaspersky products and transfered it to their Labs. Then, its protection is delivered through signature updates. But, I still asked a clarification what moving it to anti-virus databases really means. See... We got new information. Thankfully, I asked. I and others could have believed everything in the whitepapers/articles of Kaspersky.
  4. Also, plus the post above, Do you have TAM enabled? Slow opening of programs happen when TAM is enabled (at least, that's what I and another one experience). I hope mods won't delete my post. I'm just trying to help.
  5. Of course, I considered that. But if KL Russia really want to answer my questions, they can always ask their colleagues who are knowledgeable. Anyway, the Support already told me to wait because they forwarded my questions to the "experts".
  6. Not replying to the questions is tantamount to ignoring (I have questions - Someone knowledgable read it - That someone didn't answer). I get what you mean. They have a life of their own, and reading threads in the forums isn't the priority. Or they may have just not read the thread yet. So, what I can do is hope, that someone from KL Russia who read the thread to care to reply. Or hopefully, the Support can give me satisfactory answers.
  7. I already realized that KL Russia has been ignoring this thread. I think someone from them should have already read this thread, but just chose to ignored it. Anyway, I already asked the support to "escalate" my questions to more knowledgeable people.
  8. I think my questions don't need sophisticated answers. They're basically just a Yes or No questions, and questions that ask at least direct answers. I'm actually not looking for very technical answers as I'm not an IT expert, so I believe they (i.e. KL Russia) can answer these without giving potentially risky information. Eugene Kaspersky's blog post above and other blog posts of Kaspersky are definitely more technical than what I'm asking. So basically, I just want to know more, in layman's understanding, about ZETA Shield. I don't know about that "escalation". Does that mean that KL Support can ask for their experts to answer my questions?
  9. I really hope now someone from KL Russia will answer my questions because, as expected, Kaspersky Support didn't give me satisfactory answers. In fact, I believe the representative doesn't know the meaning of ZETA Shield, "data streams", and "on demand mode". He even offered me pieces of advice on how to strengthen my computer, which I didn't even ask in the first place.
  10. Yeah, asking the support might be the best way. Although, I don't think they will answer my questions satisfactorily given that they may just tell me things that are already written on the internet, just like what you gave. I already read that, several times. And, it certainly does not answer my questions, because it assumes that home and corporate versions work the same in terms of the ZETA Shield functionality. For example, it states the availability of scanning data streams because of ZETA Shield, but clearly in the blog post of Eugene Kaspersky, home version does not scan data streams for productivity's sake.
  11. Bump! I hope a Kaspersky Staff will be kind enough to answer my queries.
  12. Bump! I know this is necromancy. I just don't want another thread with a similar topic to ask. And besides, this topic isn't locked. 1. Is ZETA Shield still in the 2016 version? 2. What does the underlined and bolded sentence really mean? Does this still apply with the latest versions of Kaspersky products? 3. Do the Home versions still have no ability to scan data streams? 4. What does "regular checking of the computer at maximum scanning power" mean? Does it at least refer to the default settings of on-demand scanning, or does it mean that on-demand scanning must be set to "High" Security Level?
  13. You may just put it into exclusion. It is most probable that that is a false positive. The detection is heuristic, not a KL-given malware signature. So, the detection is local (only in your computer).
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