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  1. thanks but how can i recover my registered email address? i tried to contact the administrators directly but sofar no one replied....
  2. thanks for the input but how can i solve my other problem? is there any direct email to customer support who can help me out?
  3. actually i have 2 problems. my first problem... while browsing, my kaspersky antivirus 2013 suddenly jumps to 100 pct cpu and is not going down. i am unable to restart my computer and/or not able to run any other program. this happened to me the first time. i have recently installed a vpn program (superfrog) and silverlight. are those causing it? my second problem... i have lost my password and email of kaspersky but willing to turn off my auto-renewal membership. i have sent an email to customer support but nobody replied. how can i settle this? thank you
  4. for your info, after uninstalling superantispyware, the w8 alert dissappeared. seems all is fine now
  5. so what can i do to resolve this bad communication? it nerves me to see a red x at the right bottom. :dash1:
  6. i did update but nothing has changed. the windows alert next to the clock at the right bottom is still there. action center states, virus protection and gives 2 options 1) kaspersky 2) windows defender i click turn on for kaspersky and nothing happens. it still remains off but kaspersky running in the background without a problem why this alert? how to get rid of it?
  7. despite pure is running, windows 8 (64 bit) giving me security alerts stating spyware, virus protection and firewall, kaspersky pure is turned off. i click turn on but its not responding to it. how to solve those alerts?
  8. but i purchased the kaspersky from its own website (not from avantgarde). it gave me the option to print out the invoice after purchase, but mistakenly i forgot to print it out but now i need that invoice
  9. i purchased yesterday kaspersky pure and forgot to print out my invoice where in the system can i trace my invoice and print it out? thanks
  10. successfully installed! thank you very much for your kind assistance
  11. thank you for your kind reply here we go http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...b32516fdfec2acb GetSystemInfo_KAGANALIENWARE_Kagan_2013_12_08_21_13_45.zip
  12. i have just purchased kaspersky pure for 3 users. before installing it, i have uninstalled my mcafee properly and also have run the mcafee uninstall tool. all went successfully, except installing kaspersky pure. everytime i try to install it, i am getting an error message 'application was not installed' it gives me an additional option of kvrt, but same also not able to get installed. i am using windows 8 pro 64 bit how can i install the kaspersky pure successfully? thank you very much
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