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  1. Hi, I enabled the default deny in KES10SP1MR2/MR3 and white-listed some files based on the category and hashes. hashes includes .exe and .bat files. .exe files are working properly after white-listing and putting default deny but .bat files are still getting failed. I tried even by putting the whole folder where these .bat files are placed but still it is getting blocked. How I can white-list the .bat files? Is there any compatibility issue of KES10SP1MR2/MR3 with .bat files? Regards, Yasir
  2. Hi, Does one-drive use port 443, if yes then try to disable the port and check if the issue persists or not? Regards, Yasir
  3. Hi, Have a look on the attached screenshot, In the properties of the PC it is showing that "not assigned for the installation", what does this means? How I can assign for the installation? Regards, Yasir
  4. Hi, I have upgraded the KSC to the latest version but the issue is still same. Even the Update is approved and EULA is accepted. It is not pushing the KES10SP1MR3 Patch to the clients. Kindly advise. Regards, Yasir
  5. Hi, Server is up now and running. but it took ~12 hours to just complete the up-gradation then it took another few hours to update the db schema. Staring on the screen for 15+ hours is frustrating. Regards, Yasir
  6. Hi, After the upgrade, it was asking for the reboot. So one reboot is done already after the installation. You are asking another reboot? Regards, Yasir
  7. Hi, also If I restart the administration server service then it will again generate the same that "Upgrading Administration server". Regards, Yasir
  8. Hi, Thank you for the reply. I have sent the logs in private message to you. Regards, Yasir
  9. Hi, I am upgrading my KSC server from KSC 10.2.434 e to KSC 10 SP2 MR1. The setup was successfully completed and it asked to restart the server in order to complete the installation. After the restart in the event below event registered "upgrading administration server" and till not after 4 hours still the KSC is not up. KLserver process is running in and service is also up, how we can verify that the process is doing some activity in the backend? I manage more than 20000~ clients on the KSC and the backup is around 50 GB, is this is the reason it is taking time for this? Regards, Yasir
  10. Since the KES10SP1MR3 is patch available on KSC, I want to push through the update task to the client machines which are having KES10SP1MR2. The patch update is already approved in the KSC, you can see the earlier screenshots provided by me. When I am accepting the license agreement in the Software update, it will be still showing me the same even I accepted the license agreement. Regards, Yasir
  11. Hi, Ok got it, now my first question, Why I am not able to push the KES10SP1MR3 from the task? Regards, Yasir
  12. Hi, From the links what I understood is that no advanced license is needed for pushing the Kaspersky product's patch.?? Advanced License is only for third party or for the OS related patches.?? Regards, Yasir
  13. Please find the attached. I concluded since it is not pushed to the clients however I have approved it and enabled in the task properties as well. Can you please answer below questions? Whether Advanced License is required for the same ?? Regards, Yasir
  14. Dears, If I want to push the KES10SP1MR3 patch from the KSC on clients where KES10SP2 is running? I can push it or not? I can see it is showing me in the Software Updates but it is not pushing to the clients even after approving it. Whether Advanced License is required for the same ?? KSC version = 10.2.2019 Network Agent = 10.2.434 with patch e KES Version on Client = Regards, Yasir
  15. Dears, We want to update some of our clients from the Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 but it is not showing in the list of Applications. Appreciate if you can provide the new version for KES10SP1MR3/MR2. How I can update the clients in offline mode without KSC. Regards, Yasir
  16. Dears, Just want to check whether we can protect "Windows 2016 servers" from KSV 3.0 Agent-less or not? KSV Agent-less Version = VMWare Version = 5.5 Regards, Yasir
  17. Yes, It continue to scan the USB drive and if you want to see the scan task then you can go to "Tasks" section in KES10 interface and you will see a scan task running. Regards, Yasir
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