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  1. Hi, Is there any proper solution for this problem or still we need to follow the workaround? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Kindly confirm that the categories you have created for KES10 SP1MR2 includes some MD5 based entries or not? If it have some entries based on MD5 then you will not be able to see the category in the KES11 Policy until you remove all the MD5 entries from the category. KES10SP2/MR1 and KES11 only works with SHA256 entries. Regards, Yasir
  3. Hi Oleg, It is the same version which I mentioned before ( No patches installed. the role of the Server is Exchange server. it is also having Kaspersky security for Exchange server installed. the version is "". Regards, Yasir
  4. Dear Team, We receive some events in the event viewer that "Kaspersky Security Service Terminated unexpectedly" on the Server. The version of the AV and OS is mentioned below. OS version = MS Windows Server 2012 AV Version = I am attaching the screenshot as well. Regards, Yasir
  5. In the admin I can find the information only about the RESPMOD, it is missing the information about REQMOD. The F5 integration guide will be publicly available or on-request. I would like to get notified once it is prepared. I will try to collect and let you know. Regards, Yasir
  6. 1. In which mode the REQMOD and RESPMOD will be supported? External Proxy or any other mode? 2. Agreed and Understood. 3. Any specific configuration we need to do on the F5 to make it work and which mode on the KSWS 10.1 I need to select. P.S. ( I tired as a test but I was getting the response that the no content found). 4.Do you have any best practices/configuration documents for Blue Coat /F5?
  7. Hi, I want to know about the functionality of the Traffic Security component of KSWS 10 SP1. I have below queries. Whether KSWS10SP1 support REQMOD and RESPMOD both or not? External Proxy will work for the REQMOD mode or only RESPMOD? Which feature of Traffic Security (External/Redirector/Interceptor) I can use with Blue Coat Web Proxy for the scanning of Phishing/Malicious URL? As per my understanding, the feature of Web Control will work only for the URLs accessed from the server where KSWS10SP1 is installed? is that correct? Currently I am using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server with F5 for the scanning of files. Can I use KSWS10SP1 as an alternative of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server with F5? Whether KSWS10SP1 has been tested with any of the product (F5, Blue coat Web proxy or any third party integration)? Regards, Yasir
  8. Hi, Can you please mention the PF number for KES10SP2/KES10SP2MR1. Regards, Yasir
  9. Hi, Thanks for your reply. My question is not for the attachment filtering, my question is for the Anti Virus component in the Kaspersky Security for Exchange. What is the maximum object scan limit for the Anti Virus component in KSE or there is no limit and it will scan all the files irrespective of the size. I hope above will not create any other confusion. Thank you.
  10. Maximum object size to scan Dear, I did checked the guide before posting the article. the guide mention only for Anti Spam and Phishing but nothing for the Anti Virus. below is from guide. My question is simple "whether the Anti Virus will be take the settings of the Anti Spam and Phishing Options or it will be scan the files irrespective of the file size."? The maximum size of a message being scanned for spam and phishing together with all attachments (kilobytes). If the message size together with all attachments exceeds the value in the entry field, the application delivers the message to the recipient without scanning it for spam and phishing. The default value is 1,536 KB (1.5 MB). The maximum value is 20480 KB (20 MB), and the minimum value is 1 KB.
  11. Dears, can you please update that what is the "Maximum object size to scan" we can do for the Anti Virus feature for the Kaspersky Security for Exchange. There is an option for the settings of AntiSpam and Phishing in the Hub and Transport Role but I cannot find the settings for the Anti Virus. So whether the Anti Virus will be take the settings of the Anti Spam and Phishing Options or it will be scan the files irrespective of the file size. Regards, Yasir
  12. Hi, The first link is not for application startup control. Appreciate if Kaspersky can provide a new category in the KSC named "PStools" so it would be easy to block from the application startup control. Regards, Yasir
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