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  1. Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

    Hello. Unfortunately, there are no specific integration tools for KSMG and Lotus. However, there are no specific restrictions either. KSGM should be configured regularly. Thank you.
  2. То есть на проблемных хостах сообщение пользователю появилось единожды после удаления задачи? Или же продолжало возникать по расписанию? Спасибо.
  3. Передали информацию разработчику. Спасибо.
  4. Заведена ошибка 2619276 для анализа разработчиком. После получения ответа тема будет обновлена. Спасибо.
  5. IDS/IPS

    Please refer to the online help for explanation on how components work. Thank you.
  6. Здравствуйте. Установлен ли на сервер и агента патч a? https://support.kaspersky.ru/13968 Пожалуйста, проверьте воспроизведение с патчем и сообщите нам о результате. Спасибо.
  7. unable to start security service

    The installation could have become corrupted because of bad drive sectors, administrator actions, or other software. The provided information is not enough to investigate. Please check if the issue reoccurs after restoring the installation, and on which conditions. In this case it will be possible to collect traces and procmon at the moment KES becomes corrupted, and possible retrieve more information. Thank you.
  8. system restart require for AV update

    Contrary to adalid15, this is not expected behavior. Reboot might be required to complete module updates occasionally, but not after every database update. Please clarify the following: 1. How many hosts are affected by this issue? 2. Are there any pf's installed on affected hosts? 3. Does this happen after running a group update task only? Does it only happen when downloading updates from KSC? 4. Is Fast Boot enabled on the host? Please try the following: -Enable display of local tasks -On the affected host, run the local update task. Check if reboot is required. -Reboot. Run the same task again (make sure no new updates are loaded to KSC repository between the runs) -Check if reboot is required again. If the issue is reproduced according to the scenario above, please create traces of the process, and collect a GSI report from the host. Thank you.
  9. IDS/IPS

    Hello. In KES, System Watcher component acts as IDS. Applilcation Privilege Control acts as IPS. In KES 11, these components will be renamed accordingly for clarity. Thank you.
  10. client update issue in kaspersky

    I believe you have already discovered the cause of the issue with Network Agent. Corrupted files may be caused by bad disk sectors, other processes or administrator's actions. Please let us know what sort of information exactly you need from KL support. Thank you.
  11. unable to start security service

    Hello. The application needs to be restored. Please run the Setup Wizard to restore. Thank you.
  12. No encryption policy specified

    Hello. Unfortunately we are unable to investigate issues caused by performing actions not advised by KL engineers and not supported by the product usage scenarios. Accounts used to KSC are not intended to be changed manually. To resolve this, please revert all account and role settings to their initial state, or remove and reinstall KSC and the database, and restore the existing backup, before proceeding. Thank you.
  13. Wildcard in exclusion path

    Hello. In the current version, an asterisk can only be used in the beginning or the end of a path mask (*\example.exe or C:\examples\*). Otherwise they are not processed properly. In KES 11, use of wildcards will be extended to accept inbetween asterisks (C:\*\example.exe will exclude file example.exe in any subfolder directly under C:\; C:\**example.exe will exclude example.exe on drive root or any subfolder on any level). Thank you.
  14. Получили ответ. Отображение этих групп является ошибочным в нынешней версии продукта (они предназначены для внутренней классификации компонента и не несут смысловой нагрузки для пользователя). В будущих релизах они не будут отображаться. Спасибо.