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  1. Dear friends, The following information should be helpful for all new instances of the issue described in this topic. We have a confirmation from MS that this behavior is a bug on OS side. Windows 10 version 1709: fixed in KB4056892 Windows 10 version 1803: appears somehow to revert the fix. Another incident has been submitted to MS regarding the new version, and is currently in progress. Please address MS support for status updates. Thank you.
  2. Добрый день. Лицензионная информация в тестовых версиях продуктов может не являться актуальной, поскольку такие версии не предназначены для коммерческого использования. Содержание лицензионного соглашения будет подготовлено к релизу. Спасибо.
  3. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Application categories section

    Hello. There should be no errors with populating Application Control categories if you use "Transmission of modified data" mode, and the policy is applied properly. Once the policy is applied to hosts, all rules should be working. Is this an ongoing error? Is it possible to reproduce? Thank you.
  4. Hello. Unfortunately, we are not able to investigate issues retroactively. If the issue continues (and can be reproduced on one or more hosts), we will be able to collect relevant data and submit it for developer's analysis. Please let us know if you are still having the issue, and what the issue is. Thank you.
  5. Kirill Tsapovsky

    KSC - Capture and deploy Win10 1803 image?

    The point was not so much to try something, as to collect the necessary data for the developer to tell the reason why the task fails. It is good to know you have been able to fulfil the task by other means. Please note that we would still require said information if we were to investigate your case. Thank you!
  6. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Problem between KSC / KSV (VMware)

    The incident appears to have been created yesterday, with one reply provided to you and the feedback currently being worked on by our engineer. The timeframes appear within reason. Please expect a response soon. Thank you.
  7. Kirill Tsapovsky

    KSC - Capture and deploy Win10 1803 image?

    The console crashes because the WIM image is corrupted. Please try re-creating it from the start. If the same error reproduces, the developer might need to analyze all relevant data: -Server traces while creating the image -klpxeut and contents of Temp folder from WinPE host after completing the task Thank you.
  8. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Raspberry Pi protection

    Hello. There are Kaspersky products for Linux, one being Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux. Please find its description and system requirements here: https://support.kaspersky.com/kes10linux#requirements The product should also work with ARM architecture. However, it is unclear whether any model of Raspberry Pi's processing capabilities meets the stated requirements. If you need more specific information, please create a request in CompanyAccount. Thank you.
  9. Об ограничениях локальной системной учетной записи, а также о необходимых привилегиях для выполнения указанных операций, можно подробнее узнать в справочных материалах MS. KSC не имеет возможности отслеживать выполнение третьесторонних приложений, запущенных в рамках задачи удаленной установки. Соответствующая задача принимает состояние "Выполнено" после того, как пользовательский пакет скопирован на целевую машину и запущен указанный исполняемый файл. Спасибо.
  10. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Problem between KSC / KSV (VMware)

    Hello. Please be informed that the forum support (by KL representatives) and the support in CompanyAccount are basically interchangeable, with certain nuances. Among those, we recommend investigating cases regarding products for virtualization over CompanyAccount, because the incidents are directly escalated to our virtualization experts, while on the forum we will have to communicate them and wait for reply. If you believe the engineers are taking too long to reply within CompanyAccount, please let us know the number of the existing incident (or incidents), and we will be able to provide details about its progress. Thank you.
  11. Hello. The data is being analyzed by our support engineer. Please expect a reply soon within the incident. Thank you.
  12. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Tow many messages

    As mentioned, the event occurs because the system account tries to access the drive. This is not a bug of the product, but a reaction to the access attempts. Thank you.
  13. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Mail AV Processing Error

    According to the developers, the issue has been fixed in the latest private fix. You can obtain it by creating a request in CompanyAccount. Thank you.
  14. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Virus detected but cannot be deleted

    Hello. In certain cases where the anti-virus cannot remove certain threats, it could help to enable Advanced disinfection in the policy. However, please note that the procedure would require a reboot confirmed by the user. Certain files, like the contents of some archives or read-only resources, can still only be treated locally by the administrator. Thank you.
  15. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Tow many messages

    The on screen message that the user sees can be disabled in notification settings. The event itself only occurs if the CD/DVD is not allowed for "Everyone" and the system tries to access it. Thank you.

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