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  1. Получили ответ разработчика: В KES используется единое контекстное меню в этом и других разделах с табличным представлением (например, в Отчетах). Конкретно для таблицы "Мониторинг сети" фильтр не предусмотрен, поэтому этот пункт серый для любого столбца. Спасибо.
  2. Hello. Please check whether the product dumps and/or system dumps are collected during the crash. In order to investigate the issue, KES dump files, OS full memory dump, and a GSI report from the affected host will be required. Thank you.
  3. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Kaspersky Security Center 10.3

    Hello. Please refer to Online help for product description, system requirements and deployment guidance. Alternatively, you can see the system requirements here: https://support.kaspersky.com/ksc10#requirements If you have any particular issues with following the described procedures, please provide a minimum amount of required information: Note that forum support is not obliged to provide guidance on deployment, configuration or best practices. Thank you.
  4. Kirill Tsapovsky

    KSC 10 Business Advanced encryption corrupts O365 files

    Thank you for your feedback! Are you using File Level Encryption? Is the corresponding component installed? Thank you.
  5. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Outlook hangs with KES 11 installed

    Hello. Private fixes are provided individually via incidents in CompanyAccount. Please create an incident and describe the issue, including the number of your previous request according to which the previous patch was provided. Thank you.
  6. Kirill Tsapovsky

    KES Version 11 Modules fail to start

    Thank you for your feedback!
  7. Kirill Tsapovsky

    Upgrade latest version for MAC failed

    Hello. You can find all the necessary data for KES for Mac deployment in this section of our Online help: https://help.kaspersky.com/kesmac/10.2.1_adminguide/en.lproj/title.htm Thank you.
  8. Kirill Tsapovsky

    FDE 0% Status

    Hello. What version of KES is installed on the workstation? Please make sure that the encryption components are installed (if you deployed via KSC, they are disabled by default, you need to configure the installation package). Also please verify that you have the Advance license which allows encryption. Thank you.
  9. Kirill Tsapovsky


    Добрый день. Помогает ли добавление приложения и компонентов в доверенную зону, как рекомендует Zandatsu? Для анализа проблемы с BSOD помимо отчета GSI необходим полный/активный дамп памяти. Пожалуйста, сообщите, есть ли возможность создать такой. Спасибо.
  10. Kirill Tsapovsky

    KES 11 BSOD tcpip.dll

    The GSI report is collected on a host where no KES is installed at all. To investigate the problem, a GSI report from a host where the issue reproduces is required, as well as a full memory dump created during BSOD. Thank you.
  11. Завели вопрос 2868164. Ожидаем ответа от разработчиков, он будет приведен в теме. Спасибо.
  12. Kirill Tsapovsky

    App Control Blocks MS Office

    Hello. Excuse me if I'm a little confused about the consistency of the initial screenshots. There is one where the error says "Blocked according to rule: Default Deny". This is a direct indication that Application Startup Control is working in White List mode (Default Deny is the rule that blocks everything which is not directly allowed). Then, the screenshot with Application Startup Control settings has "Black list" selected, and no rules applied (which means, everything should be allowed to run). What settings exactly are there when the issue occurs? Thank you.
  13. Отправили вопрос по поводу некорректной категоризации команде Веб-контроля, ожидаем от них ответа. О результатах сообщим в теме. Спасибо!
  14. Добрый день. Пожалуйста, опишите проблему подробнее. В какой момент происходит детект и удаление файла Thunderbird — при обращении к письму или при выполнении задачи сканирования? Возможно ли воспроизвести проблему с тестовым объектом EICAR, приложив его к письму (http://www.eicar.org/85-0-Download.html)? Спасибо.

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