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  1. Wow isn't that just great!!!!Goodbye Kaspersky. Switched to Lastpass working great with firefox all versions. What a shame, will never recommend kaspersky again spent alot of money over the years with their products. NO MORE!!!!!!
  2. You have not kept us posted, what is going on with the fix. approaching 60 days and still can not use what i purchased. Interestingly I read in another post of said problem and it was replied to by one of the KL team that it would be fixed in the next patch which I thought great, but no it was coming out next year and he did not say when, not great. And then to my surprise I revisited that same post again for any possible update and that comment from the KL team member was removed. WHAT IS GOING ON? I HAVE HAD IT. This great product has been turned into a waste and it is a real shame.
  3. How can it be useful? Constant writing to hard drive if you have a SSD like i do, means possibly shorting lifespan of drive.Turning PWM on and off and killing process every time I have to go a website is getting really old. I been doing this since the begining of patch c roll out.
  4. I now this was mentioned as a problem with patch c. Did patch d fix this or is this still a problem. I ask because it is not fixed for me with patch d. Even with PWM locked I still get constant activity to hard drive, I have to kill the stpass process to make it stop. It just continues to write to the spLog continuously nonstop, it reached up to almost 70 mb at one point. I have a SSD and this concerns me greatly. The whole patch c to patch d has seriously shaken my faith in kaspersky and how it was handled. This is not a flame,I am just very corcerned. Is there still a problem or is this normal activity.
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