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  1. Firstly, 2013 version isn't the issue here, but I'll respond any way... I was also using KIS 2013 with Windows 8.1 (Upgraded* to 8.1 with KIS 2013 still installed). Then I was getting BSOD which I read may have been KIS 2013 being incompatible with 8.1, so I upgraded to 2014 version (Turns out cause was another program). As posted above KIS 2014 was causing slow browsing (hence my post here), and you CAN'T install 2013 back on Windows 8.1 (Incompatible, does not allow installation - even if you change compatibility mode). So yeah.. not that hard to understand. I've moved on and doubt I'll be touching Kaspersky any time soon. *More of an "upgrade" than "update", seeing how you can't use system restore to go back.
  2. I have wasted my time registering just to say that I'm also experiencing extreme browser slowness with Kaspersky 2014 with Windows 8.1. It's a piss poor product and I'm even more appalled by the fact it hasn't been fixed yet. I'll keep Kaspersky 2013 running on my other Windows 8 machines for now (which work flawlessly), but my main desktop will not be running this crap, I've waited long enough for a fix.
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