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  1. Hi Konstantin Antonov, Thanks for the update. with regards, Vijay
  2. Hi Team, In one of the customers location presently they are using ksc sp2 and kes sp1 mr3 with encryption enabled and now wanted to upgrade to ksc sp2 mr1 and kes sp2 kindly confirm whether we need to decrypt then upgrade ksc and kes and encrypt or is there any other work around for this scenario. with regards, Vijay
  3. Hi Team, While installing antivirus from Security Center, I get below error for Window 7 SP1 Workstations Error 27300. Error installing driver klhk.sys_x64_nt600 & Error 27300. Error installing driver klhk.sys_x86_nt600 with regards, Surender 9052104587
  4. Hi Team, I have a issue with download updates to the repository task.(please find the attchment for the error) Troubleshoot performed 1. As per the description of this kind of error in microsoft error codes, the user was logged in with domain account so i tried with lgging in with the domain administrator and local administrator. 2.Tried clearing the repository and and recreate the task. waiting for your reply and thanks in advance.
  5. @Evgeny Borshchev Please find the incident id INC000003811023 and request you to kindly send the patch at the earliest.
  6. Can you please send me the link for the file i am unable to create incident in the portal I am an support engineer from Ecaps Computers and i work for a distributor company
  7. Hello I have a issue that all the tasks like update and scan is working properly but in the kaspersky server the status message is "Not scanned for a long time".I applied Patch 'c' and still the status is same. Can let me know a work around for the issue. Thanks in advance.
  8. @Ivan sazhin Thanks for the reply I did miss one point when i was giving you the details of the issue is that when i exit kaspersky i am able to shutdown the pc I will check the registry entries and give the feedback
  9. yes the system gets hanged and doesn't shutdown until we manually shut it down
  10. Hi Thank you for responding The state of the systems in console is OK we are just trying to shutdown the PC after relieving from work for the day.
  11. I have a issue where the systems are not shutting down until force shutdown The work around done here is that 1.i installed the pc with only file antivirus enabled and the condition is still the same 2.I removed vulnerability task from Tasks in ksc still the same Endpoint version is Ksc version-10.1.249 I request you to kindly give me a resolution at the earliest. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the reply KSC version---10.1.249 KES--- Start and stop buttons are inactive
  13. @Ivan sazhin I got what you are talking about i am speaking about a situation in my customers place where both the applications are running and even though i select the application statistics is disabled statistics button disabling is the only problem i have The picture i sent you is from my personal machine. so that i can check the percentage of encryption/Decryption that is done. I hope i am clear now
  14. Actually it is selected in the problematic place For you to show the issue i have sent the screenshot
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