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  1. I was running a version of Kaspersky Internet Security with approximately 200 days left on the activation key. Today I received a notification that there was a Licence Problem Found and that my key status is invalid. I believe that this may have occurred during an automatic update with the KIS software? Is this possible and is there a solution without purchasing another key?
  2. I recently had to reinstall Kaspersky Internet Security (2014), since then I have a problem when trying to save a file to one of my backup drives. I get the following error "You don't have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission." I can save the file to a folder on the hard drive but not to the root of the drive. Is there a solution to this problem?
  3. I recently installed Kaspersky Internet Security on my Windows 7 PC 1year/1PC Licence. There is a problem with my PC which will probably require a reformat, will I loose my licence key if I reformat and reinstall KIS?
  4. How do I disable the "Unread News" pop up with KIS KIS is starting to look like a free security system with these extra addons being added on automatically.
  5. I purchased a new Kaspersky Internet Security CD with a licence for two PC's. I added one of the licence keys to my desktop PC although I had 60 days remaining from my previous Internet Security Licence. The new key was accepted and comes into force when my old licence runs out. Because I have used one of the keys (although it's not yest in force), if I install the second key on my notebook in a few weeks time, does the second key come into force when I registered the first key or when I carry out the installation on the notebook?
  6. A friend wants me to install Kaspersky internet security on a very old notebook, the notebook is installed with Windows XP sp3 (used for running old programs) and Windows Vista, the setup is you choose which operating system you require when the system is booting. The notebook is always used offline and the only reason why an internet security program is required is for when using external hard drives and memory cards. My questions: Is XP and Vista still supported with Kaspersky Internet Security programs? If so Because it is a dual boot system do I have to install Kaspersky separately on each operating system? and does count for one or two licences?
  7. I am in the process of setting my daughter's notebook up. Because she does have online banking with barclays I believe she may be entitled to the free barclays kaspersky offer. If I download the 2015 KIS trial direct from kaspersky would it be possible to activate this version when she receives the barclays activation code?
  8. I am running Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and I have a problem when using Internet Explorer 11. With internet explorer running the Caps Lock gets stuck on, so it's impossible to enter any passwords that use upper and lower case letters. Is this a bug or am I missing something? All other browsers work fine with KIS 2015.
  9. I am currently using KIS 2012, with one month left on the subscription. I have previously tried upgrading to a later version 2013/2014, unfortunately my system slowed down considerably with the newer versions. So I would prefer to stick with 2012. There are offers on with KIS 2014, would the key from the 2014 version work with 2012?
  10. I am about to purchase Kaspersky Internet Security for 5 users 1 year PC. Do all of the 5 accounts start on the first day of the account 1 activation?
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