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  1. Does KSMG support limiting outbound emails sending? So for example, can I configure that user@mydomain.com can send max 1000 emails each 24 hours?
  2. Hi Will that still apply to Zimbra 8.8? Also how much does the Ksmg more or less cost? Can it be installed on a physical machine with Ubuntu?
  3. Thanks for reply. My OS is Ubuntu server 12.04 64bit. For example, some time ago my server was first hacked in joomla, then the cracker exploited my kernel thanks to the mempodipper Linux kern exploit... While I do realize the only solution to that problem was to update the kernel, I wonder if kaspersky can somehow help me! For example if it can check some sophisticated situation, like user apache doing some suspect activities with system commands .
  4. Hi, I'de like to buy Kaspersky for my linux web server. What I need to know though is, what exactly does kaspersky protect under linux? DOes it protect only against Windows files that are viruses or does it check even for Linux rootkits, like if my server gets hacked and compromised ect? My webserver has been hacked different times through some joomly module and then they were able to become root thanks to linux kernel security issues. Does kaspersky somehow protect me against these situations? Thanks a lot please let me know!
  5. I'm trying to understand the difference between Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Linux File Servers . Does the first include the second? Are they complementary?
  6. Hi, I'de like to have karspersky on my Linux server. Such server is mainly hosting websites (apache,mysql,php). I'de like to have kav protection on it. What should I buy? Kav Endpoint core? Kav antivirus for file server? What's the difference between the two? Thanks! Marco
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