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  1. A point of note for this discussion is that despite the fact that there is a new version to download (new downloaded version is Patch B ), once downloaded it updates to Patch C and becomes the same build as everyone else. So the downloaded version seems to be irrelevant.
  2. Yep BTW I'm on 8.1 I suppose the worst part about all of this for me is I bought KIS2014 on reputation because of issues I had been having with Bitdefender. But so far this has been significantly worse. With Bitdefender the issues existed but were rare. Having an issue with *all* web browsing is far more apparent than the few compatibility issues I experienced with Bitdefender, one of which even caused a BSOD. And at this point Bitdefender has (finally) completed support of my ticket to them, and on top of that has tacked on 7 months of continued support to my license for the trouble I experienced (unfortunately due to the length of time it took, I had already purchased and installed KIS 2014). Admittedly it took them almost 8 months to figure out and fix the problems, but at least they got there. The Kaspersky support has essentially given me canned responses, including repeating those same canned responses in multiple emails to the issues I've experienced with web browsing, not readily admitting at any point that it is their own issue despite the apparent wide spread symptoms as are shown in this thread. The differences in support between the two companies has been night and day. At no point did Bitdefender treat my issue as though it were unimportant, giving me advanced settings to pull additional logs very near the start of the troubleshooting process. There was almost an entire lack of canned responses from Bitdefender support staff, so while they were a bit slow, they treated me as though I were an intelligent user on the other end of the communication. So while they did need a little coaxing to get to the final resolution, which is not a positive mark in my book, it did get there.
  3. Well I've been without Kaspersky for about a week now. Just installed this new version fresh. It started out about the same as the others, everything seemed ok, but after about a half hour of heavy web browsing everything slowed to a crawl like before. Uninstalling this one as before. This product has been one serious waste of money for me.
  4. I've had to uninstall KIS2014 for the time being as well. It's nearly impossible to browse the web properly, especially for a machine with a 4th gen i7 and a 40mbps broadband connection.
  5. Is there any way to beta patch D? This web browsing is slow enough to cause me to want to open my veins... Not sure I can wait an entire month for it. I'd uninstall but then I'd be wasting money and I'd be less protected.
  6. Check disk found nothing, you're likely looking at older event logs, I've run it since those were taken. As for patch level, I have B, I manually updated and I still have B.
  7. A little more information since it appears I forgot it. Apologies. Specs: Proc: Intel i7 4770k (stock clock) Board: Asus Z87 Deluxe/Dual (Asus iControl is not installed) drivers are up to date Graphics: EVGA Geforce GTX 780 w/ ACX Cooling SSDs: 2x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB in RAID 0 HDDs: 4x Seagate 7200 RPM 1TB in RAID 5 Power: Corsair HX850 Cooling: Corsair Hydro H100i Computer is <4 months old. Windows 8.1 Pro with Windows Media Center Windows 8.1 has .NET 4.5 built in, so installing it is unneeded. Everything ran great (despite certain compatibility issues) with Bitdefender IS 2013 prior to installing KIS2014... I chose to replace Bitdefender because of compatibility issues with some games. Everything ran great without any A/V installed. Excessively slow web browsing with KIS2014 installed. I have no malware, I have no viruses. Get system info: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...5a42a1f5de5e900
  8. So I've seen a number of these topics. I've mentioned it in one of my own, although the primary purpose of that topic was different. It seems to me there is something fundamentally messed up with KIS2014 itself if there are this many users affected by slow web browsing after having installed the product. I opened a ticket with Kaspersky and have simply received canned and rather obvious responses... the usual things like do a chkdsk on the hard drive, disable anti-banner (which is automatically disabled), concede resources in the performance section, reinstall the product, set web antivirus to low, etc... I even disabled the active scanning of ports 80 and 443 which was suggested elsewhere on this forum, which interestingly helped the situation for a short time, but the temporary alleviation of the issue was lost after a reboot. While I have faithfully done each of these, none has corrected the issue, and interestingly, while pausing/disabling KIS2014 tends to alleviate the problem for a short time, after a while with it still paused the issue returns... However after uninstalling KIS2014 the issue never returns. So the obvious answer is that the problem lies with Kaspersky, but no one can give me a straight answer as to where. And I dont appear to be the only person.
  9. Update: Per my research, .NET Framework 4.5 comes with Windows 8 and cannot be removed. I did run a .NET Framework cleanup tool but that seems to have only removed 1.0 and 1.1... Other suggestions are welcome.
  10. Removing a version of .Net Framework is kind of a big deal, not to mention I have no uninstall for it in my machine anywhere. Not to be rude, but this seems like a lot of hoops to jump through to get this antivirus working the way it is supposed to. Also, when attempting to install .NET framework 4.5.1, it is telling me it it is already installed.
  11. Not gonna lie, this Antivirus makes any sort of web browsing, including loading product info in Steam. Without it enabled everything is fine. I hope there is a fix for this cause I paid good money for it.
  12. Looks like rebooting a couple of times did correct it. Now the only issue I appear to have is browsing the Internet is significantly slower than previously. I'm talking on the magnitude of 400-500% slower. This forum in particular is an excellent example of the slowness introduced by Kaspersky. It browses very quickly with Kaspersky paused, but once enabled it takes as long as 20 seconds or more to load each page.
  13. Hi there, So last night I installed Kasperky IS 2014 for the first time and just now I started my machine to the happy little red X in the corner on the flag (message center) telling me that Network Firewall, Spyware and Virus Protection are off... However in looking at the KIS 2014 settings all are enabled. Amusingly, if I disable it in KIS the message goes away. Attached screenshot. Including GSI. Thanks for your time. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...ca3a57bb6dd626d I appreciate any help that can be given.
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