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  1. Ok, topic apparently useless, shut it down.
  2. If someone from KL cares to respond , repeat question : PM in Pure 3 up til now was local database storage. Is cloud storage upcoming and if so, will it be mandatory or not ? Thank you.
  3. Hi, Even if cloud storage is getting more and more popular, it might not be an acceptable solution for many users wishing to keep their passwords database only on their computer. Considering the recent modifications to PM observed in the recent Patch C, can someone at KL tell us if cloud storage will ever be added to PM in Pure 3, and if so, if it will be offered only as an option, leaving users with a choice of keeping their database strictly on their computer. Thanks.
  4. Since it appears that we don't have any other option but to wait, may I ask that Kaspersky promptly remove the automatic Patch C upgrade from the download server, in order for lucky users like me, that are on manual updates and have not downloaded the dreadfull Patch C, to be able to at least update the virus data base without risks. Oh ... I forgot ... is it possible to do this before 2014 ?
  5. Hello, I put Pure update on manual in order to avoid installing the problematic Patch C, as I am a password manager user, but this prevents me from updating databases, thus putting my computer at risk. I cannot wait much longer with my computer not being fully protected. Suggestion : since the password manager seems to be a recurring problem maker and considering that my computer protection is my main preoccupation, maybe Kaspersky could provide information on how to completely disable or even remove the password manager from the Pure program. Any feedback on how to do this will be appreciated.
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