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  1. Hey Kaspersky, The kaspersky 2010 removal tool is down, just to let you know. http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/devbuilds/AVPTool/
  2. Hey guys, I've been using Kaspersky 2010 for a while now and done some testing. It seems like when you set the setting of application to untrusted when installing malwarebytes is blocked and put under untrusted even if I go and trust it, it still has an error of installing because Kaspersky is blocking it when I go back to trust it again with another malwarebytes. One big thing is that a fake antivirus/adware name AdwarePro got straight through.... You guys must be thinking Adware is a trust program not this one it's a fake, if you guys want a sample let me know since kaspersky won't let me upload it on it's support site for some reason. Thanks. Picture of Adware Pro:
  3. Most program works perfectly fine with KAV 2009 even on the incompatible list. You just got to disable some feature for example I run spyware doctor and kav 2009 on my other two computer. I don't have any problem just that spyware doctor eats a lot of resource, the newest spyware doctor should be compatible with guard off and that pretty much it.
  4. Yeah comodo is highly recommended for free firewall, but for paided I go outpost firewall pro. I never tried outpost firewall free, so I'm guessing it should be as good as the paid just that a little feature different. Either comodo, outpost, or online armor firewall.
  5. Personally I believe the best answer is go to zone alarm tech and ask them. I once try to fix my cousin computer which had the same problem, but i just use program such as uninstaller 2008 or whatever to force remove everything even leftover registry.
  6. I personally use to used Zone alarm firewall with KAV, Zone alarm is a good firewall just that if you want the suite i don't recommend it since there spyware+antivirus detection isn't any good compare to KAV and that it can be a resource hogger. While KIS has it's disadvangtage like any other vendors they do too. KIS firewall for beginners setting, it doesn't block most of the things i need it to block like people trying to access your network most of the time is slipped through. That why i never recommend a suite since it always has flaws in it. I personally user a firewall vendor and a antivirus vendor for the lack of better protection. I'm not putting KIS down, since there is no perfect antivirus or firewall everybody has it's cons and pros. Since i know kaspersky is leaning more toward antivirus than firewalls making. Anyways i hope that help.
  7. I'm not an expert in KIS/KAV, but a long user and no there is no such setting to just delete it automatically. I have use bitdefender in the past and they do have that setting, which when it find a virus it just automatically delete it without any asking from the user and there is no quarantine. The closet answer you'll get is to set the setting so it delete it every one day or so. Anyways good luck.
  8. Interesting, I'm not a pro in kaspersky, but i been using it for a long time I'm guessing it just in vista that is having a compatibilities problem most of the time. My friend personally own a laptop and has vista on it and when we install kaspersky it had a lot of problem, so we decide some other vendor, so I'm guessing it's just compatibilities issues even when said it is compatible. Another question is that are you running window firewall the same time as KIS is running? Have you tried disabling the KIS firewall and only keep the AV with window firewall on? Let me know.
  9. Try parental control turn off....If work then don't continue to the next step. Try anti-banner turn off... Try turning off web control... Add network address/ip to the trust network/Lan. After that see what happens.
  10. I personally agree with Sjoeii, "Please keep in mind that Kaspersky is a anti virus company by origin and always will be. Comodo is a firewall company by origin." Personally speaks for most of every question about KIS compare to other firewall. Also it kind of sad how a free firewalls beat paid firewalls lol. Also wonder why this thread wasn't close by don, since i start a similar one a long time ago and it was immediately close. Interesting...Kaspersky rocks anyways never had a problem!
  11. Personally i agree with don pelotas, i personally use KAV with all the setting activate such as anti-banner, parental control anti-spam, mail control and web control on. Which did cause a lot of problem with different browser. So i turn everything off except the real-time/proactive. I believe you don't need that much protection if you have a good firewall and just kav proactive on....But don't take my word for it go with the so call expert if you need.
  12. You should not block svchost.exe it's part of window core files. Just go back into the add and trust list and delete it from the block section or reset your trust and block section. Then add to trust for svchost.exe
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