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  1. From digital river: 70,132,512 kis12.0.0.374en.exe From KL site: 80,131,592 kis12.0.0.374en.exe Why are this differences?
  2. I would buy a boxed version of KIS 2009 from amazon. Is its product key valid? (not expired?) Can I download and install KIS 2010 and apply this product key?
  3. Is it possible to get this prompt dialog only at first net access? Now I get prompt every time when the application started. Where is the list of the low restricted programs?
  4. How can I get prompt for each application, when they are want connecting to the internet?
  5. How much times can I use the activation code on the same computer?
  6. Hi, I installed KIS 2010, but I didnt found the "Activation using key file" method. Is this ended? I have activation code and key file also, but Im reinstalling my computer often.
  7. Hi, I have installed KIS2009 on an another computer (trial version). Unfortunatelly I cannot uninstall it. Probably I didnt wait the time required by "new application started" (the application started form "delphi"). I killed delphi and the application by the task manager, and after that trying uninstall KIS. The uninstall was frozen (cannot stop some service), so I restart the computer. When the computer started I tried uninstall again, the uninstall say, nothing to remove, so I manually deleted KIS from the program files directory. After that I started KIS remover, but it says noting to do. The problem some files is locked in the program files, I tried to delete in safe mode but shellex.dll still exists here. How could I manually finish the uninstall (registry/services/locked dll etc..)? Thanks
  8. I want pop ups only when the program trying to connect to the internet (even if trusted). It was in the previous version (firewall/training mode). In interactive mode there are some other pop ups, I attached an example.
  9. By turning on the interactive mode, there are some unwanted pop up while installing a program. For example when the installer modifies the registry entries, or when the installer starts.
  10. 1. I followed this http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry677868 2. "Training mode". WHere is that? There is nothing about in the help.
  11. ?? The were many complaining post about the new HIPS. Many people complained about the missing training mode. Comodo (which has a very good HIPS) has this mode also.
  12. Trusted programs goes to the internet, but in interactive mode there are so many pop up.
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