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  1. Suggestion: The ability to change the package an (already existing) installation task installs. Why: A this time (v10.3.407), when a new Kaspersky application version is released (say Kaspersky Endpoint Security) I have to re-create all my installation tasks with this new package. A simple dropdown selector in the installation task properties window would ease this.
  2. As I manually added the installer as advised in post #16 I cannot say if the KES10 SP1 MR3 package is coming from Kaspersky servers or from my action. Got it: Administration Server > Application management > Software updates, see the attached screenshot.
  3. I have what I've posted in post #12, is that you are looking for ?
  4. Here it is. I've right-clicked on the "Serveur d'administration - <server name>" node (then "View" and "Configure interface").
  5. Thanks, I wished it was automatic :-( Now that I have a proper KES 10 MR3 package, how can I modify my existing "MR2" install task so that it now installs the MR3: the "Properties > Settings" of that task does not allows to change the install package.
  6. I don't have any "Advanced" (button? link? tab?) on "Repositories > Updates" (sorry I previously translated "Stockages" into "Storage" but I now know that the correct english name is "Repositories"). I also don't see any "Advanced on "Kaspersky Security Center" root node. I do have a "Advanced" section in "Kaspersky Security Center" root node > Right-click > "Properties", but there is nothing about updates: there is plugin versions, stats, shared folder, proxy settings, ...
  7. I didn't got any "prompt" for that: where should it be? That's interesting: where do you get this filter? I cannot find it on the Administration Server's "download updates" task. Note: On the Storage > Updates > "Application modules" update, I can see a "kes10sp1mr3.msp" file.
  8. There is no installation attempted: it is still unclear to me if MR3 version should appears automatically (without any action from me) on my KSC or not.
  9. But KSC does not allow me to create new installation package for KES SP1 MR3. When I click on "Remote installations > Installation packages > View current version of Kaspersky Lab applications" I get a list containing Kaspersky Security Center 10 v10.3.407.0 but there is no button to "Download applications and create installation packages". No sign of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 3 v10.2.5.3201 here. Should "KES SP1 MR3" appears automatically (after updates propagate I guess)? Is there a way to add it now?
  10. I would like to upgrade my managed computers to the newly released Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 3 ( If I get this right I have to: * Add the installer on my Kaspersky Security Center v10.2.434 (klsrvplg.dll version is 10.2.575.0): so that KSC can send it to computers. * Add the description for this KES version to my KSC: so that KSC knows how to manage this KES version. * Create the "Installation package" for this KES version. * Create a new installation task for this KES version (it seems I cannot update old, KES MR2 task). * Create a new policy for this KES version (it seems I cannot update old, KES MR2 policy). Is that correct? Should I also upgrade my Kaspersky Security Center to 10.3.407.0? Versions: Currently, on my Kaspersky Security Center, I have the following plugins: * Kaspersky Security Center administration agent v10.2.434 * Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Maintenance Release 1 for Windows v10.2.1.23 * Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 2 for Windows v10.2.4.674 * Kaspersky Security Center administration server v10.2.434 From the MMC, when I do "? > About Kaspersky Security Center..." I get: version 10.2.575 Here are the installed "Installation package" (in "Remote installation"), labels are as displayed on my french installation: * Agent d'administration de Kaspersky Security Center v10.2.434 * Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 2 for Windows v10.2.4.674 * Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile v10.0 * Serveur des périphériques mobiles iOS MDM v10.2.434 * Serveur des périphériques mobiles pour Exchange ActiveSync v10.2.434
  11. We have the same issue on Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows ( (in a Kaspersky Security Center environment) : Application control warns the user about a suspect modification of an application that don't have digital signature but don't tell which application is concerned (see screenshot in attachment). Should this bug be resolved in this Kaspersky Endpoint Security version (10.2: Maintenance Release 1) ?
  12. (This problem is basically the same as Guihan's KIS Network Attack Blocker Problem but with Endpoint Security for Business A Windows 2008 Standard server is sharing some printers to network users. Theses users complains about sharing working once or twice and then not working. I confirm the printers being grayed on users's Windows control panel and the inability to access \\printserver.domain.tld. Endpoint Security's Network Attack Blocker report says the following (french): Would roughly be translated to I think I'm dealing with a false positive but want to be sure there isn't something a setting I missed somewhere (eg. to tell Kaspersky it is normal for the server to handle CIFS/Samba shares) that would make him more friendly with these kind of "intrusion" but without fully deactivating the Network Attack Blocker.
  13. Exact same problem here (printers shared via Windows computer whose Kaspersky Network Attack Blocker is blocking access to because of "Intrusion.Win.DCOM.exploit" on port 135) with Endpoint Security for Business 10.1 product but it seems I can't submit a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support because this product isn't supported (not listed)... Guihan, do you by chance, had any response/solution/workaround from support ?
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