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  1. Helle, and thanks for your reply. Attached screenshot KES-1.JPG about the policy applied to this computer. Attached screenshot KES-2.JPG about the state of Kaspersky applications on this computer. Attached screenshot KES-3.JPG is the window that i cannot interact with. Thank you.
  2. Hello, thank you for your replies. I should have mentioned that this computer is managed by a KSC server. About the two possibilites you mentioned, about : checking option "Disable external management of the system service" : already checked in the policy. self-defense feature already disabled too in the policy. But this didn't help. The computer in question, has a fresh setup of the antivirus (network agent and antivirus), and i cannot finish initiale configuration, which makes antivirus application inactive.
  3. Hello, I have Kaspersky Endpoint Security Antivirus installed on my remote computer, and i cannot close its window or do anything to it (antivirus window) when i connect to it using Teamviewer. I would like to know if it is related to some protection configuration in the application and how to stop it. thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I have Kaspersky Security Center version 10.3.407 installed and manages client computers running version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. I want to know if it is possible to block certain urls, like facebook or youtube using my version. Thanks in advance. Regards
  5. Deploying Device Images from local NAS

    No, thank you. Regards.
  6. Deploying Device Images from local NAS

    Hello, It was just a suggestion. I was not sure about it. Thank you for clarifying. Regards.
  7. Deploying Device Images from local NAS

    Sorry for interaction, but i read that update agents can be used for remote locations. or it's not the case? Thanks.
  8. Hello again, I think that i've found the problem. It was a network card miss-configuration. And everything is running correctly. Thank you.
  9. Hello and thank you for your reply. For the upgrade to the latest version, i think that everything must work properly before thinking to upgrade. Besides, my version is recent. And there's only one step left. For the task result, please find it attached. (translated to english) Thank you. export.txt
  10. Hello, and thank you for your answer. After reading your reply, i deleted the existing task and recreated a new one, and there is no difference too. And the only change happened to that server, is the upgrade from KAK 8.0.2163 to KSC 10.3.407. I should mention, that happened recently, about a month ago, and passed through multiple steps. I mean that i needed to upgrade to several intermediate versions (8.0.2177, 9.3.75, 10.1.249, 10.3.407). Thanks in advance.
  11. Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    Hello, I'd ask about the model of the printer and if there's some restrictrion in Device Control in the startegy. Because i faced the same problem with an HP Printer that contains an integrated flash memory and Kaspersky blocks it thinking that it's a USB key. I needed to disable it using HP tool contained in the setup CD. Hope that helps. Regards
  12. Hello, My KSC Server is not downloading updates from Kaspersky. I have version 10.3.407 installed in Windows Server 2008 R2 and, the OS is able to surf on Internet without any problem. The problem is in the results of the task, it cannot download any update from Kaspersky Servers. I mention, that my network is protected by a firewall, and the KSC Server is granted full access to any host and on any port in Internet. Thank you in advance
  13. You need to move to newer version of Kaspesky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Security Center. Regards
  14. No, for now, everything is okey. But i'll come back later for anyother question, in a new thread.