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  1. The 4523E0D0.key I am using expires 26-11-15, do you plan to have a full release on this date or will there be another key available?
  2. I rolled back to windows 8.1 and faced the same issue so I completely wiped the surface pro 3 and installed a clean windows 10 and MR2 installed correctly without issue and is working perfectly. So there must have been a permissions issue in windows 8.1 that carried through to the upgrade of windows 10.
  3. There is NO error message, the installer says removing backup files then disappears. Getsysteminfo fails to complete, it gets stuck at msieregistrypathextrasctor. Partial GSI report to large to attach. GSI error screenshot attached.
  4. I downloaded the Beta Mr2 and installed it on windows 10 laptop without issue and then used the same installer on a surface pro 3 with windows 10 and the installer fails to complete. I have turned of windows firewall and windows defender, disabled TPM and secure boot in the bios, but the installation gets as far as removing backup files and then disappears. The kaspersky seamless update service is running, but the Kaspersky endpoint security service won't start (error 1053) and if I try and change anything on the service (interact with desktop or login details) it says access denied.
  5. I exported my settings from KES10 MR1 then created a new policy using the .cfg file. This applied successfully to the MR1 installs. I expected this to be done automatically when I updated KSC, as this was always done automatically in previous versions. Thanks
  6. I have done this and the policy still doesn't apply.
  7. I have been running KSC 10.1.249 for a few months and it has policies for AV and KES both using Network agent 10.0.3361 and these work perfectly, but I have deployed a couple of KES10 MR1 using network agent 10.0.3361 and agent 10.1.249 but the policy never applies to these installations. All installations are either windows 8 pro or 8.1 pro. Is there any way to re-apply or force the policy to these computers? ******IGNORE BELOW***** I managed to resolve this by adding active directory polling credentials and then using find unassigned computers and then adding to managed computers. I also have the issue of the KSC picking up VPN IP addresses instaead of internal network addresses for laptops and deleting them from managed computers and then adding them via IP address fails to add to the administration server and picking them up from Unnassigned computers adds them back with the VPN IP address. I have found that network polling is showing that it hasn't polled for several years so that could be part of the problem.
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