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  1. Thanks for that info but, given the less-than-stellar response I've seen from Kaspersky on just the Password Management issue, I'm wondering why I should risk investing any more of my $$$ on yet another K Labs product. And you didn't mention my key issue -- does it actually WORK with Firefox? Does it stay current with every new iteration of Firefox?
  2. Why post a product that is not yet officially supported.... unless, of course, you are seeking beta testers. If that is the case, why not say so up front? With great hope and expectation I downloaded/installed/jumped thru all the hoops for the new and improved (?) v. 7.* released just yesterday. And -- guess what? -- it DON'T WORK WITH FIREFOX OR WITH INTERNET EXPLORER!!! Wait, let me back off. It could be my error. When I open KPM and the new window comes up (sure miss that previous simple listing from the taskbar icon that I had previously), and I make my one and only little account ACTIVE and then I click to OPEN that account, the web page comes up in both browsers (see above) but the login does not happen in either one. Now, have I missed a step in how to get it to work? Or does it just not work? At present, my current opinion of Kaspersky Labs is a bunch of techno-geeks who THINK they know what they are doing but are really just a bunch of amateurs trying to make a buck (and ripping off gullible people like me). Sadly, this has also greatly reduced the credibility of Best Buy in my eyes, since they so strongly hyped Kaspersky when I bought my new computer. Now I'm having second thoughts about how much to trust Best Buy let alone this joke called Kaspersky! Not sure how much longer I'm going to give KPM a second/third/??? chance before I switch my internet security back to Norton which has password management as an integral part of the product, not as an additional-cost supplement.
  3. Hmmmm. I just got talked into replacing my existing internet security software with Kaspersky Internet Security. Which, unlike my previous software, did NOT include password management. So then I had to spend more $$ to get what I had before, that actually worked on the browser of my choice. And now I'm advised I have to wait before I can get what I already had but gave up for what I can't get now! I'm beginning to feel like someone just sold me the Brooklyn Bridge -- like, maybe, I've thrown my money away on a second-rate software company. Mind you, this is my very first encounter with Kaspersky. Too soon to tell, but it may be my last! NAHC! :icon20:
  4. Brand-new to KPM. Just downloaded "fix" for this problem. Have not ever (in the week since I originally downloaded KPM) been able to get KPM to actually enter a login for me. I added an account, apparently successfully. I entered it manually - don't know any other way. When I click on the KPM icon in the taskbar, then click on the account name, KPM brings up the desired web page but the login remains blank. I have had no success in finding actual instructions other than how-to install/uninstall and activate, all of which I have done successfully (as far as I can tell). I am grateful for guidance! ================================= EDIT: Do not have a "key" icon anywhere on the Firefox screen. Just tried KPM in Explorer and it filled in login data with no problems. Sure hope I'm able to use this in Firefox!!!
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