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  1. "Open main Kaspersky window - More tools - My network - Network monitor; " I see no "my network" in more tools in my version of KAV.
  2. How do I get rid of or stop this prompt? Can't seem to get rid of it through exclusions or trusted apps.
  3. Have been a long time subscriber to KAV but this could be the last year. I don't need to subscribe to a company that pushes their $ making exe's on me when coercing me to update what I've paid for. If I want your secure connection junk I'll ask for it. Always thought KAV was above these tactics. No reply necessary\wanted...the damage is done.
  4. I'm using KAV 2014 and am seeing pop-ups from KAV wanting me to take some kind of survey. I have "Feedback" disabled in settings. Can I turn this off? Last thing I want to see is spam from some AV program that I pay a hefty price every year to use. I would have thought these guys were more professional than to stoop to these kind of tactics.
  5. I had a new activation code kick in at midnight last night replacing the old one that expired at midnight. My last aborted update attempt was at 11:50PM and my 1st successful, and all subsequent successful updates, began at 12:10AM. Guess problem was with new activation code installation. Thanks for response.
  6. Have been having problems updating my KAV 2014 for a few hours (see below). Can anyone tell me what the problem is?
  7. Thank you. That appears to have solved my problem. May I assume disabling that protection doesn't put my system at risk?
  8. I keep getting this prompt about a FF ad-on I use. I'm confident the site isn't a threat. I've went to the protection center\web AV\advanced settings and have added this URL to both exclusions and trusted web pages in my KAV 2014 program yet I continue to get these prompts. I've contacted the weather site about about certificates but get no reply. Is there a way to discontinue getting these prompts?
  9. No I never opened ticket as I saw several other people with issue and assumed tech support was aware of it.
  10. Some time ago I was having problems with the Critical Areas Scan freezing up during use. I posted about the issue and was told it was being worked on and I haven't used CAS since. Has this issue been fixed?
  11. I've yet to have any problem with my root-kit scan at all. My issue is solely with the Critical Scan option.
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