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  1. Now it works. I use Ccleaner.com and undid the option "remove index.dat"
  2. There are no problems with KIS. However XP with SP3 and IE 8 cause a small problem: auto login at forums is impossible when you start your computer. This seems to be a general problem. Just google: "auto login ie8" and you will get an exhaustive list.
  3. It may be my misunderstanding of how Windows works, but I am still a bit pissed that my security programs did not warn me at the time. If I didn't have the common sense to click away the warning and clean the cache (with CCleaner) my PC would have been infected with a Smitfraud scanner. I was a McAfee user for some 4 years and had not had a single virus or malware infection. Once in a while I was warned by McAfee that a virus had been blocked. In that sense McAfee is good enough. But the latest McAfee program slowed down my computer considerably. I tried different programs and ended up with KIS 6. Mind you: I can freely use McAfee because it is offered by my ISP. The fact is I don't have any trust in certain security programs any more. On my computer KIS is light in resources and offers good protection.
  4. Certain firewalls claim to be the best in leaktests, Comodo being one of them. I used Comodo and AVG free edition for a week. When I got the offer to install DriveClean 2006 on my computer I realised that my security software did not do the job it was supposed to do: protect me from malware. In the Windows log files I found a warning that a server had not registered at DCOM. In other words the Trojan could do its job because Comodo was in deep rest and did not anything to block the Trojan from doing its job. Since that time I have read many tests and many of them are pure nonsense because they test a certain aspect of something. There is no perfect security software but some do a good job. I have used KIS 6 for about a month now and I feel quite safe. I has already blocked three Trojans at my computer.
  5. ZoneAlarm Pro 4.5 was the last version that did its job perfectly. Version 5 refused to let chkdsk run. Version 5.5 did not recognise McAfee virusscanner. I used ZoneAlarm Pro for some 4 years. Before that I used the free edition. Each security program tries to include as many options as possible. When you use products from different companies, there may be conflicts. For me KIS is a good solution.
  6. You haven't told us anything about your system. You may have some conflicting software. Generally speaking, Norton or McAfee slows down a computer far more than KAV or KIS.
  7. There is no denying that KAV/KIS affects chkdsk. Most people have a stage 2 delay and that's it. No problems. I have KIS installed on two freshly formatted computers and both have the stage 2 delay. But chkdsk is a very sensitive program indeed. I had troubles with a version of ZoneAlarm because of which chkdsk refused to run at all. Yesterday I reformatted my daughter's computer because it did not run the right way. I had installed many security programs, like AVG Free, Comodo, McAfee, AVS, KAV, KIS, ZoneAlarm, Spysweeper. I tested Diskeeper on it, Pagedrag. In the end it refused to do a chkdsk at all. After having reformatted the hard disk and installed all the programs I also installed KIS again. Chkdsk does its job after a longish stage 2 delay. No more testing for me. I am quite aware that chkdsk is affected by KIS but KIS does an excellent job. And chkdsk can do its job, albeit after some delay. But again, many programs will affect chkdsk, although many people are not aware of it.
  8. No, see: http://www.malware-test.com/ Here you see the enlarged file: http://bp1.blogger.com/_JNaO8YWc9rQ/Ro0tnM...en_20070628.png I don't know how reliable this test is. Spysweeper, a specialised program, seems to be doing a bad job, according to this test.
  9. With ZoneAlarm you have the feeling that you are safe because it tells you exactly what it does. KIS does not tell you what it does, but it is equally effective. The firewall in my router does not tell me that it blocks some 750 threats per hour. There is no need to if it does its job.
  10. You say that you received your licence key by email which means that you bought the program on-line. Go to www.kaspersky.??, the ?? standing for your country, log in at your account, go to bill and you will find your activation key.
  11. I have installed AVS on three computers. On two computers it worked fine and on the third it did not work too well, because Outlook Express was blocked. So I tried KAV and KAV is quite an improvement. You can put programs into the trusted zone and all works well. In the end I bought KIS. If AVS works well on your computer, fine. If it doesn't, use KAV. You can look upon AVS as KAV Lite, because you cannot change any setting and miss the proactive part. AVS and KAV used without the proactive part will act in the same way.
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