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  1. Hello, We are using KSC 10.5.1736 and please download the GSI report from the below link. https://we.tl/t-95qAaad3xW Thank You!
  2. Hi Team, We are also facing the same error. We have not installed any apache server before and this is the fresh installaion. Kindly provide us a solution on the same. Thank You
  3. Hi Team, Hiding the scan window is all fine. We want the password protection window to be appeared while stopping the scanning of a pendrive (removable).
  4. Hi Team, The previous version in which the feature was available is KES and the latest version in which the feature is not available is KES &
  5. Hi Team, In previous version, without password, we could not cancel the scan while inserting the pendrive or we could not close the Kaspersky scanning window. But in the current version, there is no option to enable password protection or option to give the password while inserting the pendrive and then stop the scan or close the Kaspersky scanning window.
  6. I am also facing the same issue in KES SP2. Kindly update , if any patches are release. Thank you
  7. Hi, I given exclusion(IPS, Gateway web filtering) in hardware firewall (sonicwall).
  8. Hi Team, Thanks for your support. I got a solution. Solution : Add Kaspersky in Firewall IPS Exclusion. Now update its happening 100% completed successfully. Thank you.,
  9. Hi, We are also facing same issue. KSC 10.3.407 installed freshly in server OS. We check Update utility. but we are getting error : Not All components are updated. Please Check attached Update utility download report. Thank you. update_report.txt
  10. hi, I installed Kaspersky Security 10 windows server in Server OS. We found that in Task logs as below: Object not scanned. Reason: allowed object size has been exceeded. Please check this, why not scanned
  11. Hi Team, Kaspersky security center 10 already installed local systems. local users connected KSC. i want to connect this local users connect cloud also. It is possible ?
  12. Hi, In Kaspersky cloud, file antivirus,mail antivirus not showing below option Action on threat detection Select action automatically Disinfect, If disinfection fail delete
  13. When i test chrome browser, I change Run anti-virus database update schedule on every N days and interval 1 days selected. save option not showing, when i changed advanced settings(like enable or disable save option showing. I tested change schedule save option not coming automatically. i change advance setting save option coming, but some time its not loading.
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