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  1. Hi, Is there any official statement regarding NotPetya attack ? thx
  2. hi, I've a Security center sc9.2.69 and looking to migrate for 9.3.75 Should i instal sc9.3.75 on the top of 9.2.69 ? Or backup, uninstall 9.2.69 and then install 9.3.75 ? Which way is the best ? Thanks
  3. Hi Evgeny, I'm following the usual process !! I've installed WAIK 2.0 I've create an install package > specified the host to capture > configured the repository for the intermediate record of the image > lunch the task > reboot the host when the notification appears and wait about 1 hour until the error message.
  4. Oups forget it, SC 10.1.249 installed on 2008R2 and trying to capture Windows 7 image. thx
  5. Hi, I'm facing an error when trying to capture an Os image of W7 : "Backup error. Tool returned: 2. [1248] [ ERROR ] D:\Windows\System32\dmdlgs.dll (Error = 112)" Have anyone faced this issue ?
  6. Hi all, Whick plugin should we use with the SC10 MR1 for KAV 8 WSEE; there are 2 versions ==>http://support.kaspersky.com/9333 ==> http://support.kaspersky.com/7511 Thx
  7. Happy New Year to all So is there any new about the creation of the same patch 133 for KES8 CF1 831 ? Br, Scoooobi.
  8. Is there a fix planned ? I think yes I don't think so, the problem is related to an registry entry ....
  9. Thank you all guys, When can wa expect the ini file ?
  10. Hi Helmut, Excatelly, i've tried this wway but i still have traces of these softwares in my computer. That's why i'm lookin for a .ini file Have a good day All @ Kravtsov Vitaly : thanks man, appreciated :cb_punk:
  11. Hi all, Is there any one who has the ini file or any other troubleshoot to uninstall these programs : - Dell Embassy Trust Suite by Wave Systems version - Embassy Security Center version Thx.
  12. Me again, Is there any tips to hide or disable the lunch configuration Wizard after installation complete ?
  13. Fais une demande ici : http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=260162 :cb_punk:
  14. I've tested this solution, even using the KUD file, the installation task end with the error " if you plan to use the Systems Management functionality, 100 GB of free hard drive space will be necessary " Any other idea ?
  15. Hi Chris, I have about 100 server in which i have to install SC10, so i'm trying to automatize the installation. If this isn't supported, can anyone from Support team confirm that ?
  16. Thank you Kravtsov, i allready know that this one talks about AK8. I'm using the same troubleshooting (setup.exe /r ) but the response file wan't created.. Is there any way to install the SC10 in silent mode ? Using the setup.exe /s is stopped by the warning of using 100 Go!!
  17. hi all, i'm trying to install SC10 in silent mode. i'm following this articles http://support.kaspersky.com/2717 but the response file "setup.iss" in not created Any idea ?
  18. Hi all, I have installed the SC10 on my Disk D:\ and there are some folders Kaspersly Lab created on my Disk C:\ !!! is that a normal behavior ?? if yes why we can't limit the creation to the Destination Disk ? Thx.
  19. hi all, Can we install the Security Center 10 on my server on a different disk then the disk C: "OS" ? If yes is there any convenience ? thx in advance.
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