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  1. It seems there are a few others experiencing the same issues we are.... http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=271279
  2. j-gray do you mind me asking if you're able to benefit from support directly from Kaspersky or do you like us have to go through a reseller?
  3. Hi Brian, Thanks for your response. It has to be said that Kaspersky has been better at finding viruses but the administration and stability is awful.
  4. Having moved from Sophos to Kaspersky I now feel we've made a huge mistake.... Since attending Infosec 2013 and having been impressed with the vast array of Endpoint control settings and the AV protection options Kaspersky offered we've now got a product which is very poor in comparison to Sophos. The installation of the Security Center was pretty straight forward and being able to pull Sophos off the endpoints using a task was great but that's where it ends. After deploying Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 to the endpoints we've had nothing but problems. We've had to completely strip back the protection policy so the only things enabled are File Anti Virus and Web Anti Virus as everything else was killing our endpoints. We've had to resort to only pushing out updates during non working hours as this also seemed to kill our endpoints. We're now receiving the following "Error verifying application databases and modules" on 80 endpoints that now won't update. It seems that this product needs to be nannied on a daily basis and doesn't work as advertised. Roll on renewal....
  5. Hi, We've got a few machines that are showing incurable objects and we're not sure how to remove them? Apologies if this is a stupid question as we're new to Kaspersky having moved from Sophos and this is proving to be a steep learning curve. We're using Kaspersky Security Center (Ver: 10.0.3361) and Kaspersky Security Endpoint 10 for Windows (10.10.867). Thanks for any help offered.
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