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  1. I had thought my 2017 KAV automatic updates were upgrading as well as always updating me to the latest version of KAV on my Windows 10 desktop PC. I realize now that this is not the case. When I right click on the small Kaspersky icon on my tray, it says my version is, which obviously is not KAV 2018. So I have been getting updates to KAV 2017 not KAV 2018. I see that I can upgrade to KAV 2018 manually, by downloading and installing that version on my PC. My question is: Now that I've downloaded KAV 2018 to the "Downloads" folder of my PC, must I uninstall my KAV 2017 before I run the "install" of KAV 2018? Can't the KAV 2018 install function just automatically install only those needed portions to get my KAV 2017 version upgraded to be KAV 2018? If I must uninstall my KAV 2017 first, I'll do so but don't want to if KAV 2018 install function can be run without doing so. Couldn't find a clear answer to this question elsewhere.
  2. :bs: Thanks, both to you and BillC. That solved my Windows security issue....and I'm now upgraded to KAV ver 17.
  3. I started my Windows desktop PC yesterday and when my KAV ver 16 was initiating as usual it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to KAV ver 17. I chose Yes and started the process. However, it was never able to complete due to some problem and then Kaspersky asked me if I wanted to try again or quit the installation. I chose to quit and it went through a few minutes of deleting/uninstalling the KAV ver 17 files that had been downloaded. I then restarted my PC and KAV ver 16 initiated OK, as usual, and I got the usual KAV screen saying protection is enabled. HOWEVER, I also got a Windows security icon message saying it can’t find/doesn’t see my virus protection program. Windows security center screen has always shown/stated that my KAV is enabled in the past. I even tried restarting my PC a second time, but Windows security is still showing the same message (see attached image) even though my KAV screen says protection is enabled. Somehow, the attempt to upgrade to KAV ver 17 seems to have made my KAV ver 16 “invisible” to Windows security, even though the KAV screen is clearly saying the program is enabled and protecting the computer. What can I do to get my Windows security settings to recognize that my KAV ver 16 is there and turned on/working?
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