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  1. See but this is all heresay, where's the official word from Kaspersky on this? Point me to a KB article that specifically outlines why FSEE8 is better on servers than ES10. Nobody I talk to can do this, even Kaspersky support. Saying "Well it's just better because reasons!" doesn't suffice in an enterprise environment.
  2. I'm still waiting to read about why FSEE8 is better than ES10 for Servers.
  3. We're using Kaspersky Endpoint Security (a)
  4. I have two Virus Scan tasks configured as follows: The difference between the two is that the Weekly Quick Virus Scan is set to scan only new and changed files. I'm getting reports from users saying that in some cases millions of files are being scanned during the Weekly Quick Virus Scan. I find it hard to believe that between 8PM on Thursday night and 12PM on Friday up to 1.2 million files on a workstation have changed. Is there any way to troubleshoot this to determine why the Quick Virus Scan is scanning so many files when it's explicitly set to scan only new and changed files? Here's my configuration for the Weekly Quick Virus Scan: ...and the Weekly Full Virus Scan:
  5. That's some solid info Mike. This knowledge should be a sticky post. Thanks for the input, I'm sure it will help a lot of new people moving forward!
  6. Can anybody confirm the recommendation to use Antivirus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition over Endpoint Security 10 WS/FS on Server 2003 R2 and Server 2008 R2? I was told by a Kaspersky technical support rep that it's just the recommended application and version to use on servers. The rep was unable to / refused to tell me why that is so and could not provide any KB articles or documentation outlining why version 8 is specifically better for servers than version 10 so it makes me question the validity of the recommendation. I have deployed Endpoint Security 10 WS/FS on a few servers and haven't noticed any ill effect as a result. However, if version 8 performs better and provides the same base protection I certainly don't mind un-installing version 10 and installing version 8 in it's place. Has anybody heard anything regarding this? Any info will be much appreciated!
  7. I can't speak for Mcafee Total Protection but when we deployed Endpoint Security 10 via Security Center 10 it too would not remove one of the Mcafee components, in our case, the Mcafee Agent. Removal through appwiz.cpl was futile too so we had to run "frmuninst.exe /forceuninstall" from the Mcafee installation folder. This completely removes the agent component. Unfortunately it was a manual process for us as we didn't have the time to script it through Group Policy but you may have better luck.
  8. We've just somewhat completed a deployment of SC 10 along with ES 10 on the desktop. I just need a sanity check on a few things as I find that Security Center 10 needs A LOT of babysitting to ensure that it's actually doing what it's supposed to be doing. Questions: 1) Is there a list of best practices or list of 'good to know's related to ensuring that Tasks / Policies and automation are in place correctly? I find the app incredibly unwieldy compared to competitor apps that I have used in other organizations and so having a list I can run down will ensure that thing's are setup and configured correctly. 2) Is there a BPA (Best Practices Analyzer) tool that can be run against my configuration to determine any changes that should be made? Concerns: 1) I find that when I execute certain tasks they appear to run but then fail to run such as: On many systems the console reports that "Kaspersky Anti-Virus is not installed" but when remotely installing the application it reports "Running 50% - Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent (10.0.3361): The product is already installed on the computer. Nothing to do.". This results in multiple systems that are in a state of 'oblivion', neither managed nor unmanaged but refusing to be managed. 2) Event Logs seem a veritable mess reporting multiple running events that seemingly never expire/end/complete/finish, see this image: Does this look right to you? 3) On many systems the console reports "Windows update search not performed for a long time" even though I've run the Windows Update task multiple times and configured the Security Center 10 server to act as a WSUS server. How do I ensure that Windows Updates are actually working as expected?
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