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  1. My Problem had been long solved lol, it appears my computer doesnt want to make a shortcut with Kaspersky, and the problem had been fixed, anyway, thank you guys for helping me. :b_lol1:
  2. I guess this maybe the request number? INC000001885335
  3. Well, honestly, I have already contacted tech support way before I made the first post, when I first say the post about Unable to install Pure 3.0, I saw that striker had his problem was solved instantly, and I'm still having trouble getting this thing installed to this computer, and I'm always did what tech support asked me to, and after numerous emails, they still haven't solved this massive problem I'm having.
  4. Here is all the .log files on my computer. http://www.mediafire.com/download/pouxngkd426w1ao/Temp.rar
  5. Alright, so I tried Don Pelatos Method, ran kavremover.exe and did it in safemode and rebooted again and it still didnt work, while for Rodian's method, the kl-install are over 9 MB which this forum won't allow to make a big file like that. In addition, I have so many of these installs and prestalls and setups because I tried to install it so many times. It also seems that this forums will also not let me upload these ".log files" because I'm not permitted to. I'm starting to doubt whether this Pure 3.0 will ever install.
  6. I have Kasperesky uninstalled long before I bought Kaspersky Pure 3.0, notice on the screen shot that no Kaspersky program is not there. When I try to install again, it still gives me the Application not installed thing. Microsoft FixIt could not detect any problems on my computer when I ran it. What should I do next?
  7. Alright, here is my getsystem link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e773db278602828 edit: enable clickable link.
  8. I have the same problem as striker, wont let me install Pure 3.0 and the screenshot striker has is the same as me. AVZ_Report_syscure.zip
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