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  1. Kaspersky Lab Forum(Beta Testing)-KIS 7.0Beta-Important Frequently asked Questions-3) click link for FTP://dataKaspersky.com. is newest build. If the exe is problematic, download-Save msi, then download-Save setup.exe to same location as msi. Double click on setup.exe. It is suggested that you read this forum and take notes on directions that forum leaders have supplied, before proceeding.
  2. Appears to be a conflict with another firewall and/or another (formerly installed) anti-virus. Other anti-viruses: uninstall, run removal tool (in safe mode) and registry cleaner as needed. Formerly installed other antivirus: run the removal tool(in safe mode). Other firewalls: uninstall both KIS and other firewall, restart computer, re-install KIV first and then other. Search this forum for additional info.
  3. 119 is almost identical to 123. 119 with recent updates is identical to 123, as I understand from reading this forum leaders most recent posts.
  4. The link to FTP Kaspersky.ee for KIS eng.exe has been posted multiple times on this forum in the past 48 hours and a brief search of this forum will bear fruit. The servers may be very slow or even unavailable if they are overloaded. For me, it took 12 minutes to download at 36KB/sec., about two days ago. If you read the forum before installing, it may be helpful to you. EDIT: Location of working link, provided by Lucian, is in Lucian's reply to topic starter: kev.
  5. A "Search Topic" on this forum that I ran some time ago shows that all subscriptions purchased online start to count down after about 90 days, even if they are not activated, if I recall correctly. Boxed versions don't do this. If you buy a boxed version, it can sit in the box and not tick away. But once you activate only one of multiple licences from the box......? I suspect that the remaining would start ticking away sooner or no later than 90 days from when the first one was activated.
  6. Have you received any microsoft updates recently? Specificly KB933566-Security update for IE7 ? Possibility that uninstalling it or MS update that you received recently may help, but first rule out KIS as a possible cause.
  7. Possibility that your previous anti-virus needs to be removed using the removal tool (in safe mode), espesialy if it was Norton or McCafee. What firewall are you currently using? If you are experiancing a conflict with another firewall, it might be resolved by temporarily uninstaling both programs, running removal tools, restarting, reinstall KIS first and then the other firewall. I use KIS, KAV may have "compatibilty mode' option; if so try selecting it. Also try searching this forum; forum leaders and others may have solution(s) that can help you. I hope you find KAV to be superior to the others.
  8. Maybe upgrading to a newer build/version will help. and both appear to be newer builds than what you are currently running. Or TR ........Or even better, The eng.exe from FTPKaspersky.ee is now available. You may need to uninstall first, run removal tool and restart computer (twice). This may be worth a try until the mods and forum elite are back on board (I miss them when they are off, even briefly). You may, until then, wish to search and read Don's and Lucian's and others posts on this and other related topics.
  9. there is no option for both to stay and co-exist. Since a) this is a Kaspersky board and I appreciate KIS; I would uninstall McAfee, restart competer and install Kaspersky. You may need to run a removal tool and a registry cleaner.
  10. See if this works: Settings-Appearance-Events Notification-Advanced-Popup window blocked: now you can (un)check for Sound, Balloon and Send e-mail. You can also modify notification for about 30 different events of varying importance. This is for KIS 7.0. I can't recall if/how KIS 6.0 handled this item; my short term memory fades out after 30 days.
  11. In KIS 7.0: go to Settings-Appearance-Events Notification-Advanced-Password Protected Archives and uncheck Balloon and Sound. You can also adjust event notification for other events. I don't remember if/how KIS 6.0 did this Event Notification adjustment.
  12. Hello karl stade. Go to "remove windows updates". Find and remove the June '07 "security update for IE 7". Restart and try again.
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