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  1. I rarely, if ever, copy 16,384 or more files. But I do feel angry semi-often. And I let people know that I feel angry. But I do it in an assertive manner, so that the other people know that I don't mean to be disrespectful while I am communicating with them. The mods on this forum are trained to be of help with technical issues. If they have to moderate disrespectful content, it drains from the resources of this forum. If I have an issue with Corporate, I will contact Corperate. If I respect the human people who work this forum, I will communicate respectfuly, even if I am saying that I feel angry. I can do so without using inflammatory phraseology.
  2. It is not a Beta. 124 is official release in parts of Europe recently; 125 contains an update. Go for it!
  3. I don't know about buying from another country while online. It might be easier to buy it online from the Kaspersky site that you log on to while in your country. Or buy the boxed version? Post back with how it goes, especially if you need clarification with anything. Licence key may even automaticaly enter into new install, but if not, it is easy to activate with your purchased licence. My 614 to 621 to 7.0.055 Beta to to 123 to 125 went so smooth on each one.........that I can hardly wait for 8 Beta. All this can't happen until you buy it first. EDIT: All this will can't happen for long unless you buy it. I didn't know trial versions could be upgraded to new version(as Lykoris is wanting to do) without activating with purchased licence!
  4. Yes, everything should be ok. Trial versions can't be upgraded, so buy the licence. As Lucian said, if you buy the licence, you can activate V7. After buying licence, your Trial Version 6 is full. Once your Full Version 6 is up and running, uninstall it, saving activation data. Then install V7 by executing the .exe that you downloaded and saved or by executing the setup.exe that you downloaded and saved in the same directory that you downloaded and saved the msi in. First step is to buy the licence.
  5. Thank you, Lucian, for making it clear that Kaspersky Can and will remove viruses from restore files and protected files (when password is supplied) by unpacking as needed and doing its thing to the entire file as needed to eliminate the viruses from within the file. (I don't know about the other guys that OP mentioned). I wouldn't want anyone to "hear" that Kaspersky can't, and not be corrected. EDIT: If infected restore points can't be cleaned as p2u and OP says, they can be removed. Protected archives can be cleaned, if password is supplied.
  6. Am I incorrect in thinking that Kaspersky, when scanning a file, "actually looks inside", even if it is a restore file or a password protected file (with password supplied)? Or does Kaspersky just scan the "not-inside" part of the file?
  7. If I supply the password, then it will scan the "inside". It wouldn't merely scan a permitted archive without "looking in". Same with a restore point. It looks "inside", not just "not inside". EDIT: Re: Original Poster, post#3.
  8. Yes. And if I go to Scan-Settings-Customize-Scan Password Protected Archives....... I see that this is unchecked if "Default" was selected before I selected "Customize". If I check "Scan Password Protected Archives", then I think I am correct in thinking that the inside of the file will be scanned, not just the "non-inside". If I don't check this, then I will be notified that the file is password protected.
  9. 1)See Don's sticky post: "Important: Removing Other Anti-Viruses." 2)What build of 6.0 are you using? (Open program-Support-Application version) 3) What security programs do/did you have installed? EDIT: 4) If "yes" you installed 6.0 on top of Zone, Uninstall Zone and 6.0, restart computer, install 6.0 First and Then Zone.
  10. Protection not installed may be from installing with other security programs in place or other security programs not completely removed. Did you install 6.0 on top of Zone?
  11. Because KAV 125 is very new and IE 6 is old; old drivers in browser and new drivers in 125 Maybe are not designed for each other. Simple upgrades solve lots of issues. If it were me, I would upgrade and see. (Forum server is slow sometimes). If browser update doesn't work or is not an option, I would try toggling the Compatability Mode. I hope that my input is of help to you.
  12. Yes. KIS even lets me know if there is legitimate stuff that can be riskware in restore files. If you find malware in System Restore, post back in "virus related issues" for speedy, competant and friendly support.
  13. I would turn web hueristics back on (detail). What version are you using? 119 is/was a Technical Release. 124 was officialy released in parts of Europe recently; 125 contains an update. Preform an upgrade as needed.
  14. I would stay with default settings until I gained experiance, knowledge and/or a specific need to change them. Heuristics are high by default in web AV and off in file AV. I have had a nice, happy KIS experiance by staying with reccomended defaults.
  15. Hi-Are you logged into an Administrator Account? Are other security applications running? English language version of program is available for download and installation, I havn't heard of multiple language availability in one installation of the program yet.
  16. Yes, but it is recomended that you uninstall first. Go to FTP link in Important FAQ. After clicking 125, you have two choices. Download and save setup.exe and msi to the same folder and execute the setup.exe Or download and run the .exe. EDIT: To install on top of existing, try the setup.exe and msi, but uninstall first is recommended.
  17. Uninstall KAV and Zone. Restart. Then install KAV first, Then Zone. This will most likely solve the issue. If not, the above dosn't include running a Reputable registry cleaner and running removal tools before re-installing KAV and Zone, which may also need to be done.
  18. See Dons' sticky post: Important: Removing other anti-viruses. Any other firewalls installed? I would also try checking "compatibility mode", restarting computer and see if that helps.
  19. I would feel safe in saying that us guys would prefer to use KIS vs KAV and windows firewall (short answer). My suprise meter would overload and start smoking and imploding if any of this forums users stated otherwise.
  20. There is a thread on this topic about vmware entitled "KIS 7 and start up problems" on page 12 of this forum, last post dated June 29, '07. Despite the thread title, there is information in the thread that may help you.
  21. Yes. In KIS 7, speed is enhanced due to new/improved drivers. With KIS, you have modular, integrated solution. The windows firewall is very basic. With KIS firewall, you have advanced capability.
  22. If it were me, I would uninstall Kaspersky and Zone, restart, run removal tools (as needed (in safe mode)), run a Reputable registry cleaner and re-install an updated version of Kaspersky. I would also read the Important FAQ before proceeding. I hope this suffices until those who have plenty of expertise are on board.
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