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  1. An exstensive study of this forum shows that Don, who has done dozens of installs of many versions and builds of KIS, strongly recommends uninstall of previous version, saving activation data, and installing new version in default location. User has option of keeping settings and other stuff, but if lots of experience says to start as clean and default-ish as possible, then I could follow that for smooth operation; or not, if I feel adventurous and am willing to accept possible consequences for renaming files and installing them in non-default locations. What is best for the advanced experimenter may be not good for the average home user.
  2. First one, a fresh, clean install is better. For those who have already have 6 installed, uninstall 6 then install 7.
  3. Yes, KIS 7.0 trial should activate with a current, or even better, new 6.0 code. The KIS 6.0 single licence from amazon will upgrade to 7.0 for free, but it would stay as a single licence. Edit: Also see Important stickys for more info.
  4. Welcome. Yes and yes. 6 code should activate 7. Also, read Don's "Important" stickys for more info.
  5. English User Forum-Virus Related Issues-Important: Frequently Encountered Messages. Please see this sticky topic.
  6. Norton needs removal with tool. See Don's sticky topic: Important: Removing other anti-viruses. The Trial version of 6.0 is a "just uninstall."
  7. Welcome Just uninstall. Removal tool is usualy not needed. It is only needed if there is a problem with the usual uninstallation.
  8. The magazines content is engineered in accordance with what the readers expect to see. If the readers perceptions have no bearing on reality, then the contents will likewise have no bearing on reality. Edit: stthbcy.
  9. But he did like the "tough as nails firewall , "excellent at keeping malware out of the system" and "very effective in cleaning up malware infested systems."
  10. KIS contains a firewall, KAV dosn't, this is the main difference. You can purchase either one. I would go with KIS, based on the needs that you mentioned.
  11. Are all other programs/applications closed/not running? Is Windows Defender running? Exit, disable or Uninstall Windows Defender, re-enable or re-install afterwards.
  12. How much space are they taking up? PDM may need them to function. If space is critical, disabling PDM may work. But PDM and its files may be more important than the space it uses. Edit: Did you uninstall V6 before installing V7?
  13. Please see Don's Important Sticky topics. Did you install KAV on top of Zone?
  14. Update: DNS resolution: Check to see if DNS sevice is disabled or set to Automatic.
  15. Few things: run a full scan with all settings on full, scan everything to the fullest. Settings- Threats and exclusions- Check Spyware and also Check Riskware. Also see that File AV is operating at default or higher settings, not lower. See that your Hueristics settings are up and running. If a full scan comes back clean and file av is operating unhindered, you should be ok. If you don't check ok or add to trusted, your keyboard may become inoperable.
  16. Can you add it to Trusted? More info: English user forum-Virus related issues-Frequently Encountered Messages. EDIT: Google search shows this to be a keyboard driver.
  17. Welcome and no. There is nothing to quarentine. Proactive Defence detects suspicious Action. Quarentine is for suspicious Things. Don't delete it unless you receive concrete information indicating that it should be deleted. Edit: Read the sticky topics on Proactive Defence.
  18. When downloading a key from Kaspersky, it states that IE is recommended and that this may not occur with other browsers. So it would appear that the two latter items are somehow geared to IE.
  19. Most often it is better to close all other applications when installing. After installing, then open your connection app, register and update.
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