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  1. Welcome-Please see Don's sticky: Important-Removing other Anti-Viruses. See link below for F-Secure Removal Tool. (copy-paste in url if not live) See 'read me' instructions. It might be a good idea to uninstall KAV, run removal tool (link in sticky- Important: information topic), run F-Secure tool, run a reputable registry cleaner (RegSupreme, CCleaner) and then re-install KAV. http://support.f-secure.com/enu/corporate/.../removeav.shtml
  2. Welcome. 1) KAV is fine, ok. 2) The problem is that Windows is not refreshing a folder that contains this kind of information. If you uninstall an anti-spyware program and /or anti-virus program, Windows may still report that they are installed. Same for when you install; Windows dosn't note the uninstall of the old and/or the install of the new. 3) Solution A): (in Vista) in Services, stop/disable Windows Management Instrumentation. Restart computer. Check to see that the service is still stopped. Go to C-Windows-System 32-WBEM folder-Repository. Delete Repository folder. Restart Win Mgmnt Service. Restart computer. Windows will regenerate the Repository folder based on current situation. Solution Ignore it, if Solution A doesn't appeal to you. Solution C) Turn off Security Center or let Security Center know that you will monitor your AV yourself. Sometimes this issue will resolve itself after enough startups. There is a thread on this topic in this forum. If I can find it, I may post a (live?) link to it.
  3. "any help?" Slow startup, in my experience, is equatable to lots of items in startup folder and lots of stuff in msconfig startup tab. If Quicktime, Adobe Reader and other apps start up when Windows starts up......Try loosing some startup weight? It may help.
  4. Why not try it and see how you feel about it? You may get a fair quantity of popups. Some feel annoyed, others feel satisfaction. Don't forget to read the informative sticky located: Virus Related Issues-Frequently Encountered Messages. You can always revert if you don't like it.
  5. Sorry for reply delay.......Last I heard this was ok, one licence is ok for one physical machine. It is still the same one licence key, and still only one machine. Someone will correct if this is wrong, but not if what I saw last is still ok. Have you searched this topic?
  6. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I remember that key files sent to/from Kaspersky may not work if not sent while using Internet Explorer. Are you using FF?
  7. Did the "not" come before the "whether"? Please see Important sticky on removing other anti-viruses. I would download and save both the NAV and KIS 7 Removal tools. Remove both AV's from Control Panel- Programs and Features. Restart. In safe mode, run Both removal tools. Then restart (normal) and install KIS. Today I installed a KAV trial on a friends laptop and ran Norton Removal Tool in safe mode After removing it from Programs and Features. The tool (surprisingly) took several minutes to run while it clearly indicated that it was busy doing lots of removing! This was after uninstalling Norton the usual way. Process went smooth and the result was a more celeritous machine with less trojans. Edit: Some spelling.
  8. Welcome. 1)Settings-Scan-Startup objects-Run mode-Change. 2) Could be Startup scan or File AV or..... Reports-Report tab-double click on a scan item to see whats happening, there are several ways of seeing what scan task is occuring.
  9. For extra safety you can create a new restore point before proceeding....Please feel free to post back! Edt: spelling.
  10. New versions are about once a year. Don says its a major event and to start fresh. He has done dozens of build upgrades and says that new versions are better squeaky clean. I would go with Don's experience, especialy since new version is only about once a year. Edit: spelling.
  11. Others for Vista are possible in the future, when Microsoft releases API to security vendors.
  12. I was able to duplicate same session detection results on Galileo 39's test by emptying browser cache. Edit:spelling.
  13. daveloff: Welcome. Normal uninstall: from Add/Remove programs Next level: Removal Tool. Next level after that: Manualy delete files, drivers and registry entries.
  14. See the Important sticky...http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=5233 Fixed link
  15. Were you able to specificly accomplish what Don and dawgg mentioned in posts #8 & 9?
  16. Hi dBLOOD. You should be ok with this. Also, please feel free to start a new thread if it would help maintain the topic of the existing thread.
  17. Nice setup, very impressive. KAV would pick up the signatures and settings when the user elects to save them during the uninstall process. When I went from to 7.0.055 Beta, the 7 Beta landed in a 7 directory, not a 6. This happened by itself, without me having to actively make this happen. And I felt excessivly adventurous at the time and installed the V7.055 Beta right on top of the Version 6! Automaticaly, without my having to control it, the V6 was uninstalled and 7 Beta landed in a 7-labled file. Maybe only a small percentage of users experience problems by doing things differently. Subsequent 7 versions have passed Galileo's hueristics test and have shown no problems. Have fun!
  18. Your method of carrying settings forward may be of interest. But by researching this forum I have seen many non-minor issues have arisen from users installing the program on a non-system drive. Is it not true that a non-c drive of installation of KIS is asking for problems?
  19. KIS and higher are compatible with Vista as well as XP Home and Professional. You should have no problems.
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