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  1. If the date was incorrect when it was installed/activated, then it becomes a Tech Support issue, from what I have researched on this topic. If no Support for trials (last I heard), I would uninstall the trial, run removal tool (in safe mode) and install a purchased full version. Insure that date/time are correct before installing/activating program, or else it becomes a Support issue.
  2. Welcome. On your old XP as soon as you opened, Kaspersky alerted. On your new Vista, when you double click, Kaspersky alerts. 1. No change, opening and double clicking are the same action? 2. Even if my PDM settings are not optimal or even if it is disabled, KIS, in my experience, will provide me with a feeling that I am protected.
  3. Quote: " "documentation" ". Laughing out moderately loud-ish. Try running tool(s) on same drive(s) that the program(s) are on. Edit: Syntax.
  4. Yes! See Don's sticky- "Upgrading to Version 7". Both 7 and 6 tools are there.
  5. First idea that comes to mind.....KAV NDIS filter, try unchecking it in Network Proprties, restart computer.
  6. Both links open up in a fraction of a second with KIS Protection Enabled. Web A-V on Default setting. Same with mypublisher.com, which a user reported on this forum recently as not happening. I just did a Full system scan (all hueristics max and extended rootkit, all files) yesterday and everything seems to be moving faster than usual after the scan was accomplished. Edit: Sjoeii: (quote) "they are not working here with KIS disabled as well."
  7. right click over the K icon gives two scan for virus and scan computer, both work overhere.
  8. 1st: When I right click over a sample photo and click "scan for virus", a KIS window opens up and says "no threats detected." This feature enables scanning of individual items. 2nd: I don't have dialup. 3rd: I hope that someone that has dialup can help you.
  9. No one will be able to listen if you don't post. Please feel free to post. I hear you say that user interface scan is ok, but right click file scan is not, and right click notification area icon scans don't work; and problem is different........please post back.
  10. Welcome. Yes, transfer is ok. It can run on another computer. Uninstall it from old computer so it is on one PC.
  11. Did you try to uninstall Zone and KAV, reboot and then re-install KAV and then Zone? Edit: see post #12 of this thread:http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=44116&hl=error+1304 If the link is broken, copy and paste in URL.
  12. Looks like it was installed on top of Zone and/or other security apps. See Don's sticky: Important-Removing other anti-viruses. Do you have Zone?
  13. 1. This is not available in vista. 2.I have hueristics set on default for web a-v, scan and file av because the default settings make sense to me. Scan computer is about 10 minutes with scan files by "content" and "only new and changed files". Scan is about an hour for scan All files. Changing Hueristics settings only affects these times a small amount, so they stay at default. (default hueristics are high in web a-v).
  14. Open Program GUI-Click "Scan" at left side-click "My Computr"-uncheck everything except for one of the items-Start scan. I don't think this is recommended for average user.
  15. Welcome. Upgrade on top of old version instead of removal and clean install may be a factor. First system scan with new version may also be a factor. Full scans of All files and with "Scan only New and Unchanged files" will be slower to. Defragged recently?
  16. Start with defaults. Review was about Firewall settings and reviewer was sadly in error. (if same review I saw). Default settings work for most users. Those who are concerned with speed may lower settings. Those concerned with security will raise them. Don Pelotas, in a recent post, recommended Scan settings on High; and Web and File on default. Default Web a-v setting include hueristics on highest. Defrag? how much ram, cpu do you have?
  17. It is either scanning Files as system uses them or it is scanning Startup items. This is a good thing. Please resist any temptation to disable these items. Maybe after a few reboot cycles, the entire system will settle down.
  18. Quarentine:Open Program User Interface. Left hand side, Reports and Data Files. Click it, Quarentine is on right side. Scan result report: Click Reports on left side, then click Reports on top right. Then Reports tab. Scroll to most recent scan report. Check in box "Log non-critical events" and uncheck "keep only recent events" may help with having them when you want them, this will take up some disk space, but you can clear reports any time you want to.
  19. Uninstall Zone in all its forms. Reboot. Install Kaspersky. You can try Zone install After KAV is up and running.
  20. This topic, replete with the error 1304 error, has come up recently in this forum. I will search this forum (and google) for it and post back.
  21. Don has made mention of SuperAntiSpyware (for on-demand scanning only), so I would go with that.
  22. See http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;187941 Read the fine print. Stage 2 slowdowns are to be expected. Even if it appears to hang for a period of time, that is normal. Kaspersky is asking if anybody has problems that are much worse than a teeny weeny slowdown. Even medium slowdowns are normal. Would you believe that even kind of biggish stage 2 slowdowns are normal, even on PC's that have never seen Kaspersky? Several minute stage 2 slowdowns have been around since the Pre-Cambrian Era was late breaking news. If the link is dead, oops. None of the smilies match how I feel right now. Bye, I gotta go brush my teeth for six seconds. Maybe next week it will be for 22.375 seconds. The same is not necessarily true for the second phase of CHKDSK. The amount of time required to process a directory is closely tied to the number of files or subdirectories listed in that directory. But the percent complete listed during this phase is the percent of the number of directories to be examined without regard for the fact that some directories might take much longer than others to process. For example, on a volume with many small directories and one very large one, the percent complete might progress rapidly from 0 to 10 percent complete and then appear to get stuck for a long period of time before rapidly progressing from 10 to 100 percent complete. Therefore, unless you know for certain that the directories on a volume are highly uniform with respect to the number of files they contain, the displayed "percent complete" during this phase cannot be considered a reliable representation of the actual time remaining for this phase. (Excerpt from above link)
  23. Double click "my Computer" icon on desktop or click on "My Computer" on right side of the main start menu. Then double click on "Disk C" which is probably what your system disk is called. Then double click on "Windows." Scroll down. Are the file folders arranged by name? If not, right click in white background and click "sort by name." Scroll down and find, then double click on a file folder called "system 32". Also, to make it easier to spot, on upper tool bar, find button called "view", click and change view to "thumbnail",but this step isn't neccesary, just an assist. Double click on "system 32". Scroll down, hunt and find a file folder called "wbem". It will be easier if the view is thumbnail (large and easier to see) and if they are sorted by name and grouped by name. (right click in white background, click "group by name). Hunt down, find file folder called "wbem." Double click it, then delete Repository folder. Make sure that you are following Don's directions, WMI service has to be off at this point. Also, You can use Search function to find the folder. Post back.
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