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  1. Hi, I have upgraded KIS from 2017 (f) to 2018 (b) version on top of each other today. However, after the installation and the required reboot, I got a BSOD. Every time I restart my PC afterwards, another BSOD happens after a few minutes while Kaspersky tries to update its databases. Here is GSI: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=4c26f1f189eabe80ed7a7d91dd233340 Also I attached minidumps with this post. 072817-27140-01.dmp 072817-30296-01.dmp
  2. Yes, it should. It is valid for 3 years as I'm aware, because with every new code you can activate a previous edition of Kaspersky and 3 future ones (yearly releases), which logically implies that it should be valid for that much too.
  3. Yeah, this happened to my friend and to me too. Basically, you need to uninstall KIS, reboot, and re-install KIS again. That way it should disable Windows Defender completely and everything should be back to normal.
  4. This issue is still happening. All browsers, latest updates, everything. The minute I shutdown KIS, I can post photos on Facebook without a problem.
  5. This is the message that I always get when I click "Renew" at the homepage of KIS 2016 patch b. Internet has always been working just fine. Apparently something is blocking this particular connection between KIS and its Store?
  6. Wow, I thought I was the only one until I saw this thread. Same problem here. Reboot request loop. :/
  7. Since KIS MR1 (a) and unchanged on b patch I am unable to post any photo on Facebook. It just returns an error after a while trying to upload it. I've been watching the router for network activity during the upload session, and surprisingly it didn't show any kind of activity. I suspected KIS had to do something with it, therefore I paused the protection by shutting down KIS completely. Then it worked just fine. So, basically, for some reason KIS is blocking the connection that transports the photo to Facebook. Microsoft Edge & Firefox 44. Private Browsing Enabled.
  8. Hi, this issue has already been partially reported here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=344480 So far, I've only had issues with Instagram's page. The page works just fine under other browsers. This has started happening ever since KIS 2016 MR1 was installed. MR0 didn't have this issue.
  9. Made a full report with Windows event logs successfully in approximately 8-9 minutes. 5.1 MB output. I have to agree with the thread maker, the Stop button is not centered and is really bothering my OCD. Also, the application's taskbar icon is really low quality. "Get System Info" should definitely be in another font. We're not in kindergarten anymore. The whole App feels really unprofessional cause of it's "boxy" GUI. As if the actual GUI was made just to be made - "get in there and do the job".
  10. You can always disable any type of notification manually, for good. In our case, the update notification, I disabled it completely from the pop-up it showed me. In settings, there is now this.
  11. This is still an issue. Since Instagram uses HTTPS protocol, apparently its certificate is replaced with Kaspersky's. This may or may not have any relations to why the page isn't loading anymore. Edit 1: I've just figured out that since the MR1, this certificate is now used on all HTTPS websites.
  12. I'd love to reproduce this issue everyone's having, however I can't seem to be able to. I have all security features enabled and everything works just fine.
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