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  1. Hi Patch worked for me thanks. Any chance of getting this added to a KES release? Cheers
  2. Thanks. Request ID: INC000008148595
  3. Hi Ivan, I too have the same problem. In order solve the BSOD we are having to remove the encryption module and reinstall KES 10 sp2. Is it possible I can get a patched version please? Thanks
  4. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Is there a way to block the same way with https?
  5. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Hi So to clarify you are saying that http traffic is blocked but https is not? Thanks
  6. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Thanks any ideas on a timescale please?
  7. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Hi Thanks for patience link below contains trace files and wireshark capture. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pw30x0n82nvcg3z/AAANsQu0Z2szSkXr4BE81KyDa?dl=0 Thanks
  8. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Looking at my original post are you not able to recreate the rule in your environment and test?
  9. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Im afraid i dont have wireshark so i cannot provide.
  10. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Hi link below for trace files. Unfortunately i don't have access to wireshark. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pw30x0n82nvcg3z/AAANsQu0Z2szSkXr4BE81KyDa?dl=0 I would also like to add that i had to download and install dropbox and that too was a .exe and policy was enable. Does block .exe work?
  11. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Download is not blocked via IE or Chrome. Screenshot attached
  12. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Hi Policy attached. Link to file successfully downloaded whilst under .EXE block Rule - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=5555 File is called vcredist_x86.exe Thanks Clients KES 10 SP2.klp
  13. Web Control not blocking .EXE by rule

    Hi. The second image shows successful download of .exe and a webpage with the link to download. Thanks
  14. Hi I would like to block the downloads of all .EXE files. I have created a rule in the policy under web control however this is having mixed results. I have attached three images one of the rule one showing a blocked attempt for java and another showing the successful download of a C++ distributable. Please someone explain why I am getting mixed results? Thanks.
  15. ExPetr

    It does get blocked but only when put in C:\Windows directory not any other location. is this right? Also how can i test the other file PSExec? or am i to assume that because one works the other will too? Thanks :ay: