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  1. I do have the backups so I will try to do a restore. After looking at the server again I realized I was trying to upgrade to 10.1.249. I'll run through your steps and try to restore the software. Thanks!
  2. When trying to perform an upgrade of KSC 10.1 to KSC 10.2 I am receiving the following error message at the "Backing up the Administration Server data" step in the upgrade. Error while installing: klbackup returned error: 1199; code = 11; At least one repository corrupted: C:\ProgramData\Application Data\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093 \.working\storages\5d224687-6ee5-4e93-8bf7-768984dfddd5 \SS_SETTINGS.datC:\ProgramData\Application [OK] Help? Before installing we had a series of hard crashes on this server that caused some corrupted files in the Kaspersky installation. CHKDSK did a number of repairs and it seems to be working again. Could something else be affected? I'd like to *not* have to reinstall the server if possible!
  3. So how did you guys get this to install? I took an 8.1 computer and attempted to install KES10 and of course I could not because it is not compatible. So I went and reinstalled the computer with Windows 8 and did the KES10 installation and then performed the patch update. The server is showing that pf106 is installed but the Windows Store will still not allow Windows 8.1 to be installed because Kaspersky is not compatible at this time. I guess if this is the Windows 8.1 patch... how in the world do you make it install correctly so 8.1 will allow the installation to proceed?
  4. Could I get the patch as well? INC000002400925 I requested it last week but I think it was overlooked. Thanks! Kelly
  5. I would also like the patch... it has stopped our 8.1 updates/roll out dead in it's tracks. People were expecting their new machines! Incident INC000002400925 Thanks! Kelly
  6. No offense, but I've had a ticket open since July 3, 2013 regarding this issue. There are numerous forum posts about this very issue, losing connection to agents, Protection offline, etc. with the Mac client. Feel free to look into my issue as well as I've given this information and the ticket was basically ignored. Ticket is INC000001901797. It seems that every time a Business client brings up a Mac issue it is treated as if they never knew any problems existed with the client.
  7. Same problem here -- INC000001901797. Opened ticket on 7/3/2013 with the last request on 7/22/2013. I replied back within minutes and have not had a response since. Inquired on 7/29/2013 of the status with no response. Logged into a live chat today (8/13/2013) and was asked to call in because they could not help me over the chat. Not only is the product NOT functioning for our Mac clients, it is nearly impossible to get support. :dash1:
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