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  1. This is the link for the GSI report: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...1747cc955990a43
  2. I am using KIS 2013 and i have checked "Concede recourses to other applications" but when i run virus scan the cpu load is 100% all of the scan time. The memory usage is ok, under 60% but the high cpu usage doesn't allow me to do anything else. Is there anything i can do to reduct the cpu load during scan? My laptop processor is - Mobile DualCore Intel Pentium T2330, 1600 MHz (12 x 133) My RAM memory is 2GB. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.
  3. After reinstalling Windows XP KIS 2013 is working fine. Probably my C drive image backup has been corrupt.
  4. My laptop doesn't support more than 2GB otherwise i would install Windows 7 64 bit. But i don't see point to install Windows 7 32 bit, because i don't think there is a much difference in performance between win 7 32 bit and win xp 32 bit.
  5. I think it is possible something in my operating system to be corrupt, because i am using image file of my "C" drive that i created with Acronis when i have to reinstall my system. This file might become corrupt. I will do fresh install of windows xp and i will see if i will still have problem with KIS 2013.
  6. The response from the support was that they do not provide support for trial versions which i think is strange, because how is suppose to buy the program if i can't make it work. I think i will not have other choice except to uninstall KIS 2013 and look for other security application.
  7. I sent request to the support. This is the request number 315051169 I only couldn't do the registry trick. If i set the both values to 1 after reboot it sets the values again to 0
  8. I uninstalled KIS 2013 in safe mode with removal tool and installed the latest updated version but still doesn't work. This is annoying. Something is blocking my access to the settings and i don't know what.
  9. I reinstalled the application 3 times. No change. The strange thing is i installed kis 2013 on virtualbox with windows xp and i have access to all settings. But i have only few programs installed on this virtual windows xp and no windows updates. So, i am thinking if this is not a conflict with some of the latest windows xp updates.
  10. No, i didn't have previous version installed. It look to me that this is a some kind of bug with the program itself.
  11. Here is the link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...60d152fbe83057d
  12. I installed KIS 2013 on a laptop with windows xp service pack 3 and activated the trial version, but i can't change most of the settings. I can't access scan settings and advanced settings. I can't change the update run mode. Simply if i click on icon or try to check/uncheck some field nothing happening. What's going on?
  13. I am suggesting this because i have seen other firewalls like Online Armor to report IP address along with the domain name. I don't know how correct is they reporting. And it is inconvenient that it is not possible to copy the IP address from the reports.
  14. Thanks, i didn't know this. But still there can be some improvements in the reports: If i save the report it doesn't save the IP addresses in the right format, but like this It can show the domain names along with the IP address. In right click can be integrated option to open file location. Also, keyboard shortcuts to open Settings and Reports window will be useful.
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