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  1. Hello, i encounter a problem with the outlook kaspersky addin. I have a shared mailbox between 2 users. Initial State : Addin disable (00 screenshot) When user 1 opens a mail in this shared mailbox, nothing special, everything is possible (screenshot 01) When user 2 opens the same mail in the shared mailbox, nothing special, everything is possible (screenshot 02) Now we active the kaspersky outlook module : (03 screenshot) When user 1 opens a mail in this shared mailbox, nothing special, everything is possible (screenshot 04) When user 2 opens the same mail in the shared mailbox, nothing is possible we can't edit it or forward it (1), i can "ignore it" => it puts the mail on the trash or "Isolate it" open the mail in edit mode in full screen and i cannot send the edited email... (2) the icon (3) appears, showing the mail as if it is edited (but it is not, the email is closed on the other computerm even if i close outlook and disable the AV on the other computer, this icon ios still present (screenshot 05) Configuration : Computer 1 : Win 7, Outlook 2016, KES 10 MR3 Computer 2 : Win 7, Outlook 2016, KES 10 MR2 Infra : Exchange 2013 SP1 Is this problem knowed ? I am testing this version on multiple environment, i will try to find a similar case on a different environment but still it is not working with the last versions of outlook and exchange and it has a significant inpact on the productivty of the user. Regards, Arnaud
  2. So i have to connect to my hundreds of servers to find each file i excluded before, copy it on the KSC and add it ? As far i search, i have no way to "exclude" files directly on the server with only the KS10 installed on it, so it doesn't seems possible. Regards, Arnaud,
  3. Hello, Thank you for the information. Is there a procedure to do this ? If there is an update of the selected file, is the hash chanching ? If yes, do we have to reselect the file in order to change the hash register on the KSC ? Is there any future development of the KSC where it will be possible to browse the remote server files via the Kaspersky to select the exe ? Best regards, Arnaud
  4. Thank you for the reply. about your question, for a centralized solution, i need to : - connect to each server - add the exception (if possible) - export the conf (if possible) - import the conf (if it work) - pray to do not have any legitim upgrade of the executable on the client side And this for all my exceptions ? Actually i don't care if i have to manually on the KSC enter the trusted files i want (i don't care about the import function for the moment) The fact is, i can only enter executable file i have access to on my Security Center, which is not the case for 95% of the file i want to trust. Is it possible for this centralized managed solution to add trusted file i directly don't have access to ? Regards, Arnaud,
  5. Hello, I am trying to move my servers from KES10 to KS10 and i am stuck on the trust application part. I have 40 trusted applications on the KES10 policy i want to keep being trusted on the KS10 policy. So i am going to the trust zone part then trusted processes and i tried to add my previous exclusions but i can't simply add the path of the file, i add to browse the file. Most of my trusted app, since not the totality, are on remote servers which are not accessible from my Security Center server. Can you help me solve this problem ? Regards, PS : i also found that the Trusted Processes are not exported by the export function. Which remove an interesting part of the export function, no ?
  6. Hello, Let's take the attached tree of folders. Actually, i can give access to the console to (for example) 2 users : - For one i give the full admin rights (the user can do anything anywhere on the console) - For the second, i give limited rights (the user have limited rights anywhere on the console) I would like to have the possibility to give to one user : - Admin rights for specific folders (for example the "Autre" folder here) - Limited rights for other folders (for example "Extérieurs" folder here) Regards, Arnaud,
  7. Hi, I would like to give specific rights to specific users on specific folders i created on managed computers. It would be great to be able to specify rights at each folder level instead of for the whole console. Regards, Arnaud,
  8. So, i need to fix this slowness problem due to the outlook plugin, what are the possibilities ? Is there any other solution than disable the outlook plugin ? Which disable the mail scanning when i test Regards, Arnaud,
  9. Thank you, i forget about the need of the Outlook pluging to scan the mails incoming with MAPI. But regarding to this page, this plugin must is not supported for Outlook 2010 and higher ? More than this, i have no solution to solve the slowness problem i encounter ? Regards,
  10. Hello, The configuration is attached to this message. - The Mail AV counter is not incrementing when i receive some mails when the outlook plugin is not activated and the eicar file is only detected by the FileAV when i click on it in the zip archive. - The eicar in the zip archive is detected by the mailAV when i activate the outlook plugin. So i feel like the mail is only scanned on the mail client side, not on the flow, unlike the explanation you gave me... Is there an explaination to this comportement ? Regards,
  11. Hello, I actually have 2 questions : - I actually encounter some slowness with the Mail AV module (KAV SP1), 10 sec to launch outlook instead of 2 sec. So i disabled the additional outlook module and i see with surprise that there is no more email scanned ( i thought every mail incoming via specific email protocol would be scanned). And when i test with eicar on a zip, the file is only removed when i open the attachment with the FileAV. So, even with the mail AV module ON, without the additional outlook plugin, the mail are not scanned and the module seems "useless". I am right ? - It leads to my second question : is it possible to know how the Mail AV module is working ? Is it simply extracting every attachment (when the mail is coming) on a temporary file then scan it with the file module ? Or is there anything more on this module. Is someone able to help me understand how this module is working, Regards,
  12. Hello, Actually not really, i have a common policy which is managing all the AV on the server with the specific exceptions so i'm quite unwilling to install only one WSEE on one server. Is there any other solutions to let work an actual AV on this supported platform ? Regards, Arnaud,
  13. The server is a Microsoft Small Business Server which is the main AD => It seems difficult to disjoin this server from the domain. Everything seems correct except the timestamp for the signature (like i already said). Just to be sure, i added the whole chain on the Trusted Root Certification Authorities for the Computer Account. But nothing new on this... the same error as always. Regards,
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