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  1. Hi there is a big issue. KTS2019 does not work after installing KB4458469 on windows 10 pro Ver 1803 x64.. the main antivirus window is not available after installing that update. the issue still exists after re-installing... then i had to uninstall the app and wait for the fix..
  2. Thank you. i used a VPN software and now everything is good.but without vpn , update status is failed.
  3. i reinstalled the application and updated it but the last databases release date is 12/12/2017 10:33 pm is this normal?
  4. Thank you Indio the issue was solved by dns config.i used google dns and everything is ok.
  5. 1)i have modified all settings to high 2)yes. 3)ok
  6. Hi, after installing KTS2018 I receive a lot of DNS error in all of my browser.i tested all solutions like reseting ip config and delete dns cache but... Is there any solution?
  7. Hi, Is this possible that KTS2017 blocks accessing to data encryption vault for 1 hour, when i just try for password for first time?(invalid password) this issue occurred for me. I want to know this is a bug or someone is controlling my system from another place?( i said this because my pc has no user except me and i am sure no one enter some invalid password before me)
  8. did it. There is a topic in a special forum for testing zero day viruses. all antiviruses detected petya except kasprsky, and it was unusual for a powerful antivirus it is known with last databases.of course with some delay. Thank you
  9. kaspersly total 2017 with last databases can not detect petya ransomware file. is this normal?
  10. Hello ; Why KTS 2017 reports me that your computer is at risk(yellow main window) when i block all network activity in network monitor tool? i protect kaspersky settings with password but this function does support password protection. my pc has multi users and i do not want anyone reduce my pc security. I want to know does this function reduce my pc security?if yes , how? Thank you
  11. Hi Kapersky 2017 reduces windows drive size during full scan.(130 gig free space reduces to 85 gig) windows drive is a samsung ssd with enabled rapid mode Is this normal? Thank you
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