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  1. My subscription expired and all my passwords were rendered inactive so I had to copy and paste them all which is a pain in the butt. just another nail in KPM's coffin I am so unhappy with KPM over the past year as half the time it wasn't working due to its incompatibility with the browser i use so I wont be renewing my subscription Bye
  2. It seems like that they have already stopped support for both KPM 5 and KPM 7 as FF is already on v28 and 29 is in beta. the only way to get a password manager that will work is to switch to another product
  3. I wont bother since I have given up on KPM 7 and now use another password manager
  4. I purchased a licence for this piece of crap in Oct 2013 and since then there has been no updates released, the program crashes after the time set for the program to lock after a period of inacvtivity. What I really object to is paying money to Kaspersky to allow me to BETA test their software which in my opinion wasn't fit to be released to the general public, I have logged several tickets with support with no solution asking for updates and solutions to the problems with no satisfaction. :angry:
  5. I get something similar when checking for updates via password manager it returns the error digital signature is missing
  6. I wont be purchasing this again as I don't see the point if its not being updated regularly. Its over a month since I started this thread and it's about 2 months we have been waiting for an update
  7. Do you have any more info as to when the update to password manager will be available. Thanks
  8. I Understand that there is a new build of password manager out for local testing at the moment so can you tell me if this will include support for Windows 8.1 Thanks
  9. password manager incompatible with firefox 25 can you advise when an update will be released Thanks
  10. It seems like its a trial/free version and you are not able to upgrade from V5 and as its a free version you are limited in the number of passwords that you can use ( think its up to 15). It does work with firefox 24 but as I said you have to enable/make active the ones you want to use The service from Kaspersky is pants and as I have 130 days left on my KIS I don't think I'll be a kaspersky customer after that as password manager V5 was supposed to be a one of fee but it seems like they have changed the rules and I have had the product less than 12 months
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