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  1. This is an ongoing complaint: Am I the only one who has purchased a commerical product - namely KL Passwort Manager - and has to put up with KL reluctance to react to Updates by Mozilla (Firefox)? When Firefox wants to update for reasons of security (closing security gaps!!), why is it so difficult for KL to react in a reasonably short period of time?? Another question: Why do I always have to deinstall PWManager only to install the new version. I think I had to do this twice now - whenever Firofox offered a new Release! Do the the people at KL want users to switch to IE, because there the problems seem to be less frequent. It would be nice to hear whether I am the only one with this problem here. :dash1:
  2. Why does it take Kaspersky always take so long to react to updates? And why can't they integrate Password Manager Updates into the update routine of KIS??
  3. I've been contacting Kaspersky Support with the same problem (Update to Firefox 20.0 - Passwort Manager doesn't work anymore) - but they did not even react. Now Firefox is not just a single user Browser - assume that many PW Manager Users have the same problem Why on earth do they let their users down. We have paid for the software, havent't we. Or is it that they want to make us use IE? Because there the add-on still works.
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