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  1. taylora

    Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    Yes. I am available 1400 GMT - 2300 GMT. Thanks!
  2. taylora

    Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    I was able to get a procmon log under file size. I am attaching the zip. Logfile4.zip
  3. taylora

    Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    Is there an email or ftp I can send the log to? I cannot get the filesize under 4mb to be able to post. Thanks!
  4. taylora

    Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    It looks like the component that is causing the issue is the Web Control. I am attaching a screenshot of our current configuration (it is the default I believe) and a zip with the trace logs. Thanks! KES.
  5. taylora

    Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    I am attaching the KES traces. I was able to reproduce the problem while tracing. Thanks! KES.
  6. taylora

    Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    For the Canon printer, under Printer Properties->Device Settings there is an 'Update Media Information' option. When you click it and then click 'Execute', if Kaspersky is running you get an error. I have attached both when running it with Kaspersky and without. Kaspersky is blocking it somehow, but without the Firewall running I am not sure why. Thanks!
  7. taylora

    Printer blocked by Kaspersky

    Hello, We updated to the latest KES. We can now print, but we cannot view any details about the printer on the computer (Paper size, paper type, etc.). Since we need to switch paper size sometimes, we need to see and be able to edit this information. If Kaspersky is turned off, this information populates. The KES components we have enabled are Application Startup Control, Application Privilege Control, Device Control, Web Control, File Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, IM Anti-Virus, and System Watcher. We will be turning the Firewall back on at a later date, so I would not delete that one. I don't know how to delete components though. I just know how to disable them. There is no error message when pulling up the printer. All the details are blank. Device Control is on, but is not set to block anything. It allows all connections. I have attached a screenshot. The printer is a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000S plotter printer.
  8. We have one new plotter printer that is being blocked by Kaspersky. We can add the printer, but not print to it with the Kaspersky client running. When we turn the client off on the computers connected to the printer, everything works fine. Here is some detail about our Kaspersky installation: Running Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 v. on clients Running Kaspersky Security Center 10 on server Device Control on, but nothing is being blocked (everything is allowed) We are not using the Firewall feature and have it disabled We are not using any specialized software No other printers are being blocked on these computers, just the new one. I am kind of stumped as to why Kaspersky would block it and how it is doing so. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. We have KES loaded on about 600 PCs in our organization with KSC10 managing them. What is the best practices for setting up virus scanning on these PCs? Right now I have a task set to run a scan when new updates are downloaded to the repository, and can only new and changed files. Scan scope is System Memory, Startup Objects, Disk boot sectors, All hard drives, and This PC. When the scan runs it really bogs down the computers and makes some almost unusable. Should I be doing something different for scanning? I had to disable the scan task for the moment since it is causing so many issues. Thanks!

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