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  1. As a follow up so far... Kaspersky Tech support says that when a certificate expires on your Security Center (without warning,) the only way to build a new certificate is to abandon your entire Security Center on Server "A" and install Security Center onto a new server (which I don't have one available) and then restore from a backup file. At this point, it should create a new cert file. In the meantime, all end users are disconnected from Security Center and not receiving updates.
  2. Using KSC 10.4.343, it's been running fine and accessible since implementation months ago. Today, it's completely inaccessible and says "Connecting the the specified Administration Server failed. This is an invalid certificate for this Administration Server." It seems our server certificate files has expired after 10 years. Does anyone know how to quickly get a new certificate from Kaspersky? I have opened a formal ticket with Kaspersky (INC000008853653). I will not post GSI reports here, request them through the official Kaspersky ticketing please.
  3. Sorry to leave this thread hanging. I eventually had to re-deploy my entire security center as my solution. There were numerous bugs during my initial upgrade and took Kaspersky support nearly a month to figure it all out. Best of luck!
  4. Glad it worked out for you too. Thank goodness for these forums.
  5. Here's a bit of my scenario. I got the same revoked message after upgrading to the current level. Then, after posting here, I got the patch, used it and it worked. Unfortunately, I had other bugs induced by the current level and had to submit support tickets for those. Part of their recommendation was to start over and reinstall. After doing that the same revoked message came back. This time, the patch to remove it didn't work. After having a support ticket in for 6 weeks with zero progress even though it went to their 3rd tier tech support, I got it to go away accidentally. I opened up the Patch A line like in your screenshot and "declined" it. I have no idea but it disappeared and hasn't come back. Hope that works for you.
  6. dachman1

    Firewall Rule Help

    I'm posting my own solution here for others that may look at this forum to use. Rather than using Firewall rules, I used Web Control in the Kaspersky Endpoint Policy. First, I created a policy that blocked (filtered) all internet sites. Then, I created another rule and placed it just above the blocking rule to only allow certain sites through. My example worked perfectly for our needs of restricted website access yet still allowing PC's to access Microsoft Updates. In conclusion, it's really too bad that Kaspersky support couldn't have described such a simple solution for me. Hopefully, this information will help someone else along the way
  7. dachman1

    Firewall Rule Help

  8. dachman1

    Firewall Rule Help

    Yes, I'm aware.... and No, I'm not asking MS Support. I'm asking Kaspersky Forum members for assistance. Thanks.
  9. dachman1

    Firewall Rule Help

    Can someone assist me with the best way to edit my KES SP2 ( firewall policy to accomplish the following please? 1. Block all web surfing traffic 2. Allow Microsoft Update to search and download updates I've already created the Network Rule in the screen shot. It works perfectly at blocking browsing. The problem is that it also blocks Microsoft Updates too. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. Been following this topic. Did the OP get the issue resolved?
  11. I tried this and it was not successful
  12. Yes, and I can confirm by testing the "Check KSN Connection" successfully.
  13. I just upgraded our Security Center to 10.4.343. Two W10 v.1703 computers in a test group have been updated to KES and NA 10.4.343. In Security Center, on the two newly updated computers, I keep getting Critical Events showing up for KSN Servers Unavailable as the computers are first turned on. None of the other computers on KES NA 10.3.407 (a/b) show these critical events. The updated computers in the test group are running the converted KES policy and the notifications section of the policy is set to Warning, not Critical. Any suggestions to look at?
  14. PERFECT - Thanks for the quick fix. That was exactly what I needed.
  15. I just updated to Security Center 10.4.343 and have no idea why, under the updates section, it says KL application updates have been revoked or how to resolve it. Any ideas?

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